Fawn Hahnenberg

Mooresville, NC
United States

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Since graduating college in 1994, I've lived in 9 different cities in 6 different states; all in two different countries on opposing sides of the globe. Until I moved to Mooresville, North Carolina in 2012, the longest time I had lived in one location was 4 years in Shanghai, China, which coincidentally happens to be where I attended my first yoga class. Although the class was taught in Mandarin, it didn't matter. The practice of yoga spoke to me; it spoke to my heart. Through my practice, I have found a sense of contentment that I never knew before yoga. My goal each week is to offer my students the same sense of peace I experienced my first time on the mat, even when I couldn't understand a single word.

I began my yoga teacher training in July 2013 and completed my first 200 hours in January 2015. Recently, I began the journey toward my 500 hour certification. No matter how many certifications I achieve, however, the subject matter surrounding yoga is so vastly enormous, that the learning will never gratefully so.


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