Fay Chapple

Oakville, ON

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Albert Einstein once said "Out of clutter, find simplicity, From discord find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity"

When my husband had a brain stem stroke three years ago, leaving him severely disabled and in need of full-time care, I gave up my 25 year corporate career that spanned the globe to be closer to home.

I was a challenge with three children and a home to look after and a need to launch a new business closer to home – well – the task was daunting!
Perhaps this was my opportunity to make a difference!

Having studied yoga, energy work, and spiritual studies since the age of 14, I was inspired to open a centre and create a business where people could experience expanding their minds, bodies, life and businesses to new possibilities!
Ain’t No One Gonna Save You
& Your Business ~ But You!

You can keep looking for the saviour on the white horse, hope your lottery numbers come through, or keep trying to meet that wealthy soul mate…but the likelihood is well …zero percent! Finally ready?

So join me on a no holds barred, kick ass life journey. No one said life was fair, so it’s lets figure out what this life is all about, and in the meantime I will help you build a new business, start a new career, find your soulmate, or just have fun!

We we learn from experts, explore new paths, and be unabashedly ok with acknowledging we don’t have a balanced life, life isn’t always fair, and it’s pretty much guaranteed that we can’t have it all! But what we can have is pretty spectacular!

As Michelle Williams said "life is too short and crappy to not try and get more of what we want"! Let’s get more of what we want now!


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