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Vinyasa Inspired Flow Yoga - Free and Nourish your spirit

I teach yoga to entice aliveness to our existence. Breathing full life into our very being. Taping into that vital energy – spirit. Leaving you feeling glowing, relaxed and centered. I teach yoga to draw human spirit to the surface with a radiant flow that is grounded and dynamic. I teach standing postures, arm balances, twists, inversions, backbends bends, seated, Surya Namaskara and hip openers aimed at releasing patterns of mental or physical holding. Yoga for me is a pathway into our internal creative force and in practice I encourage students to turn inwards to find there expression with strength and grace. I seek to evoke deep feeling and care around how we use our yoga to inspire us; but also how we can live a more connected existence allowing us the freedom to make choices that better support our lives - thus our spirit. Here is a opportunity to unravel anything that is not useful or simply relax and glow.

I have found to walk this earth with spirit to be the most beautiful experience of my life. Through dance, nature and yoga I have found portals to bliss, peace and connection that is what I wish to share. I have many influences to my teachings, largely my lifetime of Ballet and Contemporary dance, but also my love for a wide variety of styles of yoga, Capoeira Angola and Mysore. My professional Yoga training was Hatha based with further training in Anusara , Restorative and Thai Yoga Massage. I now teach a Vinyasa Flow with a focus in my life to seek expansive loving experiences with nature and spirit.

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