Felicia Kong

Central District
Hong Kong S.A.R., China

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My yoga practice has changed the way I connect with myself, people, animals, nature and the universe. I appreciate my students as my best teachers.

Going back to my first yoga class, I was so frustrated that I could not do a lot of postures, even touching my toes. My noisy and untamed mind affected my attitude on the mat also the way I perceive relationships. My practice has remained mainly on the physical aspect with a conquering heart.

The passion and compassion of my Master Kishore Kumar and my best friend and spiritual coach Yoroko Chan, have transcended the way I feel towards life and fostered me the fearless attitude to my life pattern. Shifting from a corporate life and follow my inner calling to be a yoga teacher has changed my life completely. I still fall into old habits today and struggle among many things, but now with the knowledge and practice of yoga, I am able to see and aware of the core subject more quickly and carry an open approach to get back on track.

I believe teaching yoga is not a job but a blessed responsibility in my life. I aim to teach step-by-step based on the my students’ strength and weakness yet pushing them beyond their physical and mental limit in a healthy and safety circumstance. I wish my students can explore the benefits of yoga in different dimensions of life.



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