Felix Gosse Daleep Singh

Jersey City, NJ
United States

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Felix Gosse (Daleep Singh) Bio

Influenced by my grandmother on the Afro-Cuban tradition of Santeria, I have been inclined to spiritual pursuits for as long as I can remember. My official training began in 2005 when I became certified in the Perceptive Awareness Technique ® and received the First Degree Reiki attunement. As a longtime yoga enthusiast, I trained in the Kundalini Yoga tradition and obtained a (200 hours) Yoga Alliance certification in 2011 and IKYTA Level 2 certification in Authentic Relationships (200 hours). Shortly after, in 2013, I received the Second Degree Reiki attunement. Since then I have been enthusiastically sharing these ancient healing methods, techniques and teachings with hopes of bringing peace and tranquility to anyone in need. I spend my spare time creating visual art, dancing and being with others.


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