I trained originally with the British Wheel of Yoga and then went on to own and operate The Art of Health and Yoga, London's largest Complementary Health Centre from 1996-2003 where we created YogaBugs for children. We were lucky enough to appear on BBC2's Dragon's Den on 3 occasions and as a result YogaBugs is now in Australia, Singapore and China. I now teach around 14 adult classes to 150 people a week in and around Balham, Streatham and Dulwich and run 6 yoga holidays and retreats to overseas destinations for all yoga levels of experience.

I enjoy teaching fun flowing classes to all age groups and abilities. I modify postures for older adults and people recovering from injury or illness and have many years teaching pre and post natal yoga. I took part in a research project with Imperial College on the benefits of yoga and relaxation for pre-natal mothers. I also trained as a birthing partner. I work together with Wandsworth Expert Patient Group to support those who are caring for or suffer from long term illness.


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wonderful & excellent teacher

I found Nel to be an incredible and caring teacher. I love her energy and fantastic mix of positivity, professionalism and spirit. I came with a lot of injuries which would have made it difficult to do yoga. Nel carefully eased me into it, incouraged me and helped me to gain confidence as well as find a way to work with my challenges. I just wish we lived closer so that I could work with her more! I recommend her highly.

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Completely Fulfilling Class

Each class provides a different theme, challenge and thought - carefully planned providing modifications and alternatives demonstrating the full knowledge of yoga asana, anatomy and mindfulness along with a great sense of fun. I can't wait for each class, greeted by Nell's love and enthusiasm for yoga and each person who walks into her class. She has and remains an amazing mentor to me and someone who I inspire to be more like. Her classes are suitable for all levels.
Rebecca Sherrin - Yoga Teacher in Training

Fenella LindsellJanuary 24, 2017

How thoughtful and kind Rebecca and thank you so much x

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Amazing Teacher!

I only came to yoga about 12 months ago. Nell has been an amazing teacher who has helped our group achieve a level of flexibility none of us thought possible. Just the right level of challenge and patience!

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Morocco 2016

A truly fantastic experience. Nell is the best yoga teacher I have had yet, she is informative and strong and clear and allowed each person to really gain from each class regardless of experience or ability. The whole trip was well organised, wonderful Kasbah and Riad, terrific food, good transfers and the mountain expedition really only made possible by Nell's unfailing belief that we could do it and we did! A trip I will never forget. Would love to do more.

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Mount Toukbal, MorroccoExperience of a lifetime

I am writing as a yoga novice and a novice climber.
Nell's yoga retreat was superb, all her classes are gentle and relaxing but she stretched and challenged us as well.
We all went to the beautiful Kasbah de Toubkal,and then we climbed Mount Toubkal.
North Africa's highest mountain.
Nell arranged everything perfectly, and got us all up the mountain and back down safely , a tremendous feet.


Then she arranged for us all to stay in our own pretty Riad, in the heart of the Medina in Marrakech,
where her lovely yoga classes sorted out all our sore limbs, after our big climb.
Nell had thought of everything, and attended to everybody in the groups needs.
She put together a wonderful, amusing group of
girls, we all got on so well.
A memorable week.

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Yoga retreat, Turkey

This retreat at the fabulous Lazy Lizard was my first introduction to yoga, and I feel very lucky to have spent this time with Nell and the wonderful group. Nell is a very skilled teacher, whose enthusiasm and passion for yoga shines through. She brings such humour, glamour, and spirituality to each of the sessions, and after 12 hours of yoga in 5 days, I can confirm that I am now a convert!

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Yoga retreat Turkey

Second trip of mine in a year. The yoga is too good to resist. Fenella is such an excellent teacher and manages all levels in her classes helping all to progress in their own way. Great group of people on this trip again, can't recommend enough. If I was in SW London I would be hitting her class as much as possible!

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A perfect week in Puglia

Having already experienced Nell's wonderful retreats in The Atlas Mountains and Southern Spain over the past two years, I was confident that a week's yoga in Puglia would also tick all the boxes. Indeed it did. The accommodation, delicious food and stunning location ensured that it was a holiday as well as a yoga retreat. Nell's approach to yoga is uplifting, life affirming and mindful of all that the world and each of us has to offer. Adjustments and options to suit each individual ensured that everyone practised to the best of their ability and by the end of the week all the yogis had been challenged and had improved.
I can't wait to go on another one next year.

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Yoga retreat in Puglia

I have just had a wonderful 5 day yoga retreat with Nell in Italy. She is a brilliant and thoughtful teacher. She is also very good at organising everything and everybody so that you feel comfortable and relaxed. I liked the range in the classes between vigorous yoga and relaxation. After 5 days I felt stronger, healthier and calmer than I had done for some time. Highly recommended.

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Cyprus Retreat

My sister and I have just returned from a fabulous yoga and fitness retreat run by Nell and Mel (Open Airfit). Neither of us had much yoga experience at all and we were keen to learn more-we are both now hooked thanks to Nell's inspirational teaching. No matter what level of yoga you are at, Nell makes the class inclusive and enjoyable for everyone. We had such a fun time with a lovely group of people-I would recommend it to anyone.


I have come away feeling refreshed and energised after much laughter! Nell's relaxation at the end of the class is also wonderful, she has such a clear and comforting tone that you really can drift away from your thoughts.
I only wish I had started yoga sooner and I look forward to many more retreats to come! xx
Thank you, Nell.

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Brilliant yoga teacher!

Have just had a wonderful few days in Sparkford Hall - Nell just knows how to run a yoga trip. It was so much fun and she is a truly excellent yoga teacher. We have all come away feeling refreshed and re-energised by the weekend and all want to return asap!

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Yoga at Sparkford Hall

This was a 3 day retreat in Somerset. Nell is a very inspiring teacher whose classes are good fun, hard work and also relaxing. She is meticulous about safety and tailors the exercises and classes to individual needs where necessary. I feel much more confident both in my yoga ability and self image since the retreat. Sparkford Hall is relaxing and warm in lovely countryside, the perfect venue for this type of event.

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Simply Brilliant

I have just returned from a 4 day retreat with Nell in Somerset and to say anything more than brilliant would be superfluous...If you are thinking of booking one of her yoga breaks, then do!

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A guide to excellence

The details matter ! Nell knows how to keep you progressing day after day without pressure. Keep focusing on the details whithout compromising the enjoyment of the class. Very subtle ! Nell is not only skilled but also very professional, classes are always very well prepared. Enjoy !

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I have been joining in Nell's classes for just over a year and it has made a huge difference to my (still rather limited but definitely much improved) flexibility. I am frequently the only bloke in a room full of ladies but Nell makes me feel both welcome and relaxed. And with her encouragement I have managed quite a few things that initially seemed beyond my reach. So I'd thoroughly recommend Nell's lessons to chaps of a certain age and hope to be joined by some of you soon!

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It's for you too guys! Company needed...

Nell had been teaching my wife for some time when she persuaded me to have a one-off trial lesson just over a year ago. I ended up joining her retreat in Turkey at the Pomegranate last September and was there again last month. The holidays are fantastic, but it is Nell's teaching that makes it so special - even when teaching 16 people she seems to be able to give everyone individual attention without loosing the flow of the lesson. She blends concentration with humour and spirituality.


I am now a complete convert and my strength and flexibility have improved enormously over the past year (no more back pain playing golf etc.). The only problem? I have been the ONLY man on each of the two trips to Turkey (OK so not all that bad really) but I did need some male company watching England win their match against Fiji. So guys, if you're at all interested, give yoga a try, and if you can, get Nell to teach you - she is inspirational, fun and runs fantastic holidays!

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Supple good: Stiffness bad

I've been attending Nell's yoga classes for about 6 months now and I consider it an important part of my attempts to hold onto suppleness and stave off stiffness. IT's more physically challenging than I thought it would be but also hugely beneficial.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

I have found Nell a consistently fantastic and invigorating yoga teacher, with a gift for enthusing students and adapting for all abilities so they improve whatever their initial strengths and weaknesses, drawing people out at their own pace whilst still being ambitious in their poses. Most importantly her classes are very enjoyable and rewarding, and she herself is a joyful and generous person who genuinely cares about her students. I have also been on 2 retreats with her, both in beautiful locations and excellently planned, catered and delivered.

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Yoga retreat in magical Morocco

I have just spent the most wonderful week with Nell on a yoga and trekking retreat in Morocco. Nell is a superb and sensitive yoga teacher as well as a glamorous, amusing and highly efficient travel companion. In two beautiful settings - the Kasbah du Toubkal in the Atlas mountains, and the Riad el Arsat in Marrakesh, she reinvigorated my yoga practice and invested it with new dynamism as well as feeding my soul at a time when I needed it most. I cannot recommend her too highly. Thank you Nell!

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Best Yoga Retreat Ever

I'm just back from a 5 day retreat with Fenella Lindsell in Portugal and I am feeling a million dollars. I haven't practised any yoga for over 6 years so was a little worried about how I would get along. Nell completely accommodated my slower / stiffer pace and really helped me deepen my poses and build my confidence over the 5 days.


The standard amongst the group varied which for some teachers might be quite challenging but Nell kept the classes going brilliantly. She was very mindful of any restrictions people had and kept all standards completely included in what was going on.
Each session was varied and there was nothing repetitive at all. On the last day we finished with a fantastic session called Yoga to the Beat which was quite dynamic but great fun and highlighted how much we all had improved over the 5 days!
I have come back committed to keep my yoga up and will be attending her classes local to me in Balham.
I have also made some great friends on the trip and hope to stay in touch with them. Nell has a very flamboyant personality and is great fun to be around!

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Don't miss a chance to practice yoga with Nell!

Nell has been practising and teaching yoga for about 25 years - she's one of the most popular yoga teachers in London. Nell combines expert teaching for all student levels with inspiring energy and charm and she provides a wonderful balance between body work and a sprinkling of spirituality, focused technique and great fun. She has such a wealth of experience to draw on and teaches a variety of styles. You learn something new at each class, there's never a dull moment and I always leave her classes feeling thoroughly well exercised and much happier.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

I've been a regular at Nell's Tuesday 7.30 class for more than 2 years and am not sure how I ever coped without it! For me the class strikes the perfect balance - strenuous enough that I feel challenged and like I've had a good workout but at the same time I never feel pressure to go further than I'm comfortable with. Nell is an inspirational teacher; her classes are always varied and interesting and above all she never fails to inject some humour into her teaching.


I've also been on one of her retreats to Spain and would definitely go on another. I am quite prone to stress and often find it difficult to relax, but it's very rare that I don't leave her class feeling that bit more chilled out and ready to face the world. I really can't recommend her highly enough.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Best yoga teacher ever!

I have tried a few yoga teachers over the years but never truly "got it" until I started going to Nells' classes. Having gone from being a sporadic yogi I now attend one of her weekly classes and am booked on my fourth retreat. Her teaching is always challenging yet with the emphasis being on going at your own pace as well as having a spiritual element without being religious.


The retreats I have been on are a great blend of wonderful women (with the odd man on occasion!), fantastic locations (Yurts in Turkey/the Atlas Mountains), great food, a great sense of cameraderie and truly enjoyable/stretching yoga twice a day. I am always thoroughly rejuvenated after a retreat. Nell always seems to go the extra mile whether it be an extra session of "Yoga to the Beat" or the most amazing meditation session. I would highly recommend her and her retreats.

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Well worth trying her class!

Nell is the first yoga teacher I had, and the best I've had. Although I have since tried other teachers, I always go back. Her classes are always varied and she explains the positions and their benefits which makes for a more interesting experience. I always leave her classes relaxed but energised.