Fernando Martinez

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Teaching yoga since 2006 in Mexico, Spain, France and Sri Lanka.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

33 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Beginning yoga

Hello, just a quick message to say how delighted I am to have begun yoga practice very recently with Fernando. In a short space of time, I have felt more confident, and have also gained a better understanding of the importance of breathing. Even though the classes are online, it feels as if I'm right there in the studio.

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Very happy to have rediscovered Fernando 5 years after a Sri Lanka retreat. What I appreciate most is Fernando´s precise instructions, and the smooth transition from one posture to the next - all served with focus, insight and calmness. Please Fernando, do never stop your live video classes, which makes it possible to enjoy your sessions at a long distance. I like the idea of sharing my yoga class with all kinds of people from all kinds of places.

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Fernando is great

I practiced with Fernando via zoom during quarantine and I really enjoyed the classes. He is constantly making sure we are holding the correct poses. I can’t wait to do a real class. Thoroughly recommended.

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Never the same course, always fluid and intense

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A Yoga Master

I have been working with Fernando in private sessions for 8 months now, both in person and virtually during the pandemic times. He is an amazing yoga teacher and instructor.Under his excellent guidance my body is able to achieve and hold positions that at first seemed scary. I leave his sessions energized, refreshed and renewed. Thanks to him I find myself stronger, calmer and more ready to deal with all the challenges that come my way. Thank you, Fernando.

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Fernando's teachings

Las clases de Fernando son muy originales y aptas para todos. Su gran experiencia le ha llevado a crear un estilo personal de desarrollo de la clase que hace que todo asistente se encuentre a gusto y pueda trabajar acorde a su nivel y al mismo tiempo aprender. El Yoga es experiencia, hay que probar sus clases!

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J’avais peu pratiqué de Yoga avant de connaître Fernando : j’ai vraiment apprécié ses compétences à enseigner et à transmettre son savoir .. il a un vrai passion qui se voit à chaque cours 🙏

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Great online yoga teacher

You really don't feel that you're online connected, he checks through the camera that you're doing the correct asanas.

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My Balance, Strength, and Flexibility are MUCH BETTER

My balance, strength and flexibility are much improved thanks to Fernando's yoga classes. Also improved are my Spanish, French, and Italian, languages which Fernande uses seamlessly, depending on who is in the Zoom room. The instruction is always delivered in a calming, quiet voice, appropriate for the spiritual experience of yoga.


I have practiced yoga seriously for ten years, including Ashtanga (which caused me injuries so I stopped) and my purpose for doing yoga to is to feel better and remain healthy.

Fernando's teaching method is more sophisticated than the usual yoga teachers who run through 'the usual' yoga asanas -- he offers variations (such as twists, extensions, balances, etc.) that always challenge me but remain suitable for (I think) all levels of practice.

He pays attention to each student in the class, and offers adjustments or corrections if needed. He has passion for teaching. Best of all for me, he speaks always in a soft, gentle voice, appropriate for yoga. Some other yoga teachers seem like they should be teaching a dancing aerobics class with excessive enthusiasm; in yoga, I want to be invited into calmness and a quiet mind.

Mi equilibrio, fuerza y ​​flexibilidad han mejorado mucho gracias a las clases de yoga de Fernando. También se mejoraron mis idiomas español, francés e italiano, que Fernande usa sin problemas, dependiendo de quién esté en la sala Zoom.

He practicado yoga en serio durante diez años, incluido Ashtanga (que me causó lesiones, por lo que dejé de hacerlo) y mi propósito al hacer yoga es sentirme mejor y mantenerme saludable.

El método de enseñanza de Fernando es más sofisticado que el de los profesores de yoga habituales que realizan las asanas de yoga 'habituales': ofrece variaciones (como giros, extensiones, equilibrios, etc.) que siempre me desafían pero siguen siendo adecuadas para (creo) todos. niveles de práctica.

Presta atención a cada estudiante de la clase y ofrece ajustes o correcciones si es necesario. Tiene pasión por la docencia. Lo mejor de todo para mí es que habla siempre con una voz suave y gentil, apropiada para el yoga. Algunos otros profesores de yoga parecen que deberían estar enseñando una clase de baile aeróbico con excesivo entusiasmo; en yoga, quiero que me inviten a la calma y la mente tranquila.

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Vigorous yet doable class

With this class you definitely will work up a sweat. Although not too difficult you can adjust it to demanding or easier practice as needed with the teacher's guidance at all times.

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Simple, professional and very experienced

My sessions with Fernando have ignited an insatiable fire for yoga inside me. His experience and professionalism is evident in his sessions. The calm of his voice and Simple, clear and direct instructions make yoga a joy even for the first timers.

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Great first class with Fernando

Loved this vinyasa flow class by the poolside! Challenging in a good way- nice vinyasa flow class with quite a few chattarangas to strengthen my arms. The class was a good full body workout with gentle yoga music in the background. Lovely setting and friendly class too.

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Inspiring classes!

Fernandos classes are inspiring and strong but taught in a gentle way for yogis on all levels. They are challenging in a good way and always puts a smile on my face.

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My first and best yoga teacher!

A yoga class with Fernando will always be a wonderful learning experience. His talent and expertise as a yoga teacher make Fer's yoga sessions challenging and enjoyable.

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Fernando is very expirienced coach in Vinyasa Yoga.
He can explain and show so many different asanas, so you could choose the best practices.

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Beauty way learning

The structure of the course is thoroughly planned out for us students and I’m definitely going home with an abundance of knowledge to share.
What I left with was a much deeper knowledge of what yoga is really about on and off the mat.
This experience assisted in understanding myself more as a person as a whole.
It has being unique, and one I will carry with me deeper in my yoga journey.
At the end of the training, my heart is filled with gratitude.
Thank you Fer for everything you have shared.
I've learned a lot, in such a beautiful way.

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Excellent guide

Our experience with Fernando is truly one of excellence. His experience, skills and know how is easily transferred to his pupils through a diversity of well spoken languages and patience.

He gives every level of yogi a challenged in the same class and likes to add and Out of the Box mentality based on very well prepared classes.

He sets an example on how a yoga teacher is to be. Just follow his classes and enjoy!

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Powerful yet calming practice
My favorite so far.
Helle Damkjær

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The best teacher I know

Please Fernando comes to teaching in Cannes !!!

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Open your Heart

Yes, it is easy to open your heart with Fernando - so calm but so much in control!Yes, I felt freer but more looked after!I felt more loving, but more able to analyse. All in silence!! You just feel these things....he's remarkable!
Since his sessions, he has inspired me to do daily yoga and now my body feels much better too!
I should also just mention his voice - there is something magical about it.....

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Motivational yoga teacher

Fernando’s style is very motivational and spiritual. With his experience you can immediate feel the spiritual and physical benefits of practicing yoga. The particularity of his classes is that you feel guided and safe all the time, with clear explanations and continuous demonstrations. The classes flow smoothly and in harmony. He is very patient and friendly. I highly recommend trying his classes.

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simply perfect

With Fernando I found the perfect mix between body and soul. I am not a very spiritual person, but he found just the right amount and the right words to push my boundaries, open my heart ( and make me shed tears of inner joy and happiness). amazing. he has an open heart and eyes from the start and manages even very divers groups. he is not adjusting every move but repeats very clearly every step. I can only recommend him and would go out of my way to have a class with him.

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completely reliable and dedicated yoga teacher

I'm so happy that I was lucky to have Fernando as my first yoga teacher.
His spiritual knowledge is immense, he is very patient and careful with beginners,
his knowledge of human anatomy is at the level of physician, he raised the bar with their expertise knowledge on a high level.
He is a great person.
I hope to find in my city yoga teacher of similar quality.

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Great Teacher

Very personable with very good knowledge of body /yoga

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There is yoga teachers that simply instruct and those that guide. Now I don't know what you're in for but I am a guidance groupie, and Fernando gives guidance like a star. His classes are conceptual with wisely thought-up flows and even if with a strong focus on certain body and non-body aspects, always diverse and, well, wholesome. Learning from and with him is gorgeous, really, and a great opportunity for progress.