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Fremantle WA
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Hello! I'm based in Fremantle in beautiful Western Australia.
In our current COVID climate, I am offering classes online via Zoom with the prospect of a retreat somewhere in WA later in the year.

A Hatha yoga teacher of 18 years, but currently specialising in Yin Yoga for the past 10, I aspire to guide my students towards creating positive transformations to their bodies, minds & lives.

I began my yoga journey many moons ago (1998) with the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Organisation in the Bahamas and Canada, completing my teacher training in 2001. My student and teacher path has been influenced by many other inspiring teachers, and life experiences, along the way. I am a student of Victor Chng (Yin Yoga in Asia, Singapore) since 2009. Up until Dec 2019, I was teaching regular Yin Yoga classes in Fremantle, plus regular workshops and mini-retreats in various locations around Perth & regional WA, as well as my wellness retreats and travel experiences that support grassroots conservation & social projects. This is my passion! Connecting people to nature, and connecting them back to self.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

14 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Introduction to Yin

I experienced my first Yin yoga practice with Fiona. She explains and demonstrates during the practice to give you a well balanced class. Her warm and welcoming presence also allows you to deeply explore your practice without fear, whilst allowing inquiry and acceptance.

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Rest in stillness

Fiona's Yin class is like a cup of hot chocolate on a winter's day. Warming, soothing and relaxing.I am not a Yin person and I cannot sit still for very long, let alone relax. But after a class with Fiona, I know what she means when she says ''rest in stillness''. Thanks Fiona. xx

Fiona GallowayJuly 10, 2017

Thank you Britta! Always a joy to have you in class and on retreat. And i love the idea of being like hot chocolate ;) xx

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Fiona is an absolute yinner!

I've attended Fiona's classes since 2009 when she really started to focus on Yin yoga. She introduced me to the Yin practice and for that I will be forever grateful to her. I can only really speak of her Yin classes and workshops as that is what I've attended, so this review is centred on her Yin practice. It's been an absolute blessing to watch her develop her skills and capabilities in this field, and to glean just fractions of the knowledge that she dedicates herself so fully to.


Fiona knows her true path and is courageously walking it, despite the hurdles and pitfalls that pop up to challenge her along the way. In terms of her practice, I find that she provides a good balance between enabling students to find the physical poses and then explaining to them the reason for the pose, and the benefits that can be expected, or the reasons behind the emotions that may be welling up. I love it how shes adapts her practices to the seasons, allowing students to tune in with the natural world on another level. One of my favourite things about Fiona's classes and workshops is that she is always willing to laugh. This is so important as you come up against challenging postures - Fiona can diffuse an emotionally-charged situation and take you back to ease through a gentle jibe (or sometimes through uproarious laughter that ripples across the whole class!). I highly recommend Fiona's Yin classes and workshops to beginners and Yin-lovers alike.

Fiona GallowayJuly 10, 2017

Bella -- you are one inspiring student as I have watched you dive deeper and deeper in practice over the years. Thank you for the support and feedback x

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Fiona Galloway review - Yin Yoga Teacher

Fiona is one of the more experienced Yin Yoga teachers in Perth. She teaches a very grounding practice that focuses on body awareness and meridians. A true and holistic yoga experience!

Fiona GallowayJuly 10, 2017

Thanks Jasmine, love having you in class <3

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Fiona’s class is by far the best yoga experience!

Where do I start with this lovely and very talented lady! Fiona naturally creates a nurturing, welcoming and inclusive environment.
She’s extremely knowledgeable, taking you deep into the poses of Yin, modifying and adjusting each pose to protect any injuries, whilst gently pushing you to “your own” edge, (“everyone’s edge and body is different”, and “nothing is permanent”).

I was fortunate to attend one of her amazingly nurturing retreats in Bali, an experience which has changed my perception and dedication to the daily practice of yoga. Am so grateful to have experienced this retreat with Fiona.

Cannot recommend her highly enough, she's an absolute gem!

Fiona GallowayJuly 10, 2017

Thanks Dorinda -- always a joy to have you in class and on retreat! You embody the practice when you're on the mat - so great to see as a teacher :)

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Great Teacher

Fiona was the teacher who introduced me to Yin Yoga. I remember being as sick as a dog but determined to try this slower style of yoga. It challenged me on many levels that first class, but I loved it, and have explored Yin more with both Fiona and other teachers. Her classes exude warmth, calmness and tranquility and take you deep inside yourself. Fiona is an excellent teacher and highly recommended.

Fiona GallowayJuly 10, 2017

Oh I do remember that class Cass! And so glad you weren't put off. Thanks for the lovely feedback -- and great to run into you the other day :)

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Love Fiona

I'm not good with big words, because it's just not me, but I love Fiona's classes.
They always make me feel amazing afterwards.
She is an experienced heart warming teacher, sharing her love for yin yoga with us.
Don't miss out on her classes

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Fantastic Yoga Instructor

10/10 would recommend to any friend

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Weekend Retreat

I recently attended a Weekend Retreat with Fiona here in Broome I can honestly say that the whole weekend was wonderful, Fiona is very professional and experienced whilst still being very friendly and helpful, she engaged with each one of us and took the time to make sure that we were all doing the poses in the correct way, hoping that I get the opportunity to attend another of Fiona's Workshops ?

Fiona GallowayJune 27, 2017

Seems like yesterday Avrel! I hope you're well, and thank you so much for sharing here. Hope to see you again soon :)

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I love her vibe!

Fiona is one of those people who you instantly feel calm and safe and lovely around ❤️ whilst practicing I loved listening to her explain the postures and all the interesting things she had to say about them / relating it to life too. You can tell she is so experienced and like I said above, I just love her vibe. She's a beautiful person and that shines through her practice xo

Fiona GallowayJune 27, 2017

Beautiful woman, thank you for the love <3

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I needed that

Ill probably need it again .
Fiona's retreat was a perfect combination and blending of the body the spirit and the soul....., not to mention it was a lot of fun as well .

Fiona GallowayJune 27, 2017

Ahh yes, you know you will! Thanks so much Craig -- hope to share some yoga adventures with you again before too long!

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Fiona the fabulous

Fiona is a fantastic yoga teacher, combining asanas with spirituality and wonderful workshops

Fiona GallowayJune 27, 2017

Dear Gaye, thank you for the love and support -- I hope you're on the mend xo

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Inspirational and Intuitive

Fiona is a genuinely wonderful and intuitive yoga teacher. She has a way of explaining how and where to move into a yoga pose that takes me deep, deep, deep in to my practice. She seems to be connected with divine intelligence as she explains the yoga. Her deep knowledge of other practices like Chinese Medicine and seasonal changes makes her yoga classes a very special experience for me. I actually float out of Fiona's classes and feel great relief around old injuries I have been carrying around.

Fiona GallowayJune 24, 2017

Thanks so much Annette -- Look forward to our next private practice session next week!