Fiona Lines

United Kingdom

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In 2016 I founded Cowdance to offer people authentic experiences that help them to feel good through reconnecting with the outdoors. We run weekend retreats involving spending time in nature, with activities including walking, caving outdoor meditation and wild swimming. We also run wellbeing events for corporate bookings. You can find out more at

I started practicing yoga in 2006 to aid in recovery after a back injury. Yoga for a while was a way to help my body recover from injury; it was not until I moved to Vancouver in 2011 that it became something that was interwoven into my life. I discovered the flowing power and grace of vinyasa flow, building all over strength and suppleness and complementing the outdoor activities that I was participating in. I also surprised myself by discovering the way that yoga could calm my mind, unlocking an innate ability to retreat from the fast pace of the world.

When I returned to the UK I decided to train as a teacher, becoming full time in January 2015 after a move to rural Lancashire.

I have always loved being outside and, over the years, have been involved in a range of activities that have taken me up into the hills and down river gorges. I combine my love of the outdoors with yoga teaching, and my classes aim to provide people with a greater appreciation of the world around them.

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