Fiona Morley

United Kingdom

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PRANA KRIYA Yoga Tutoring

As a recently qualified yoga instructor of Prana Kriya Yoga - I am offering one to one sessions of this unique style of yoga. The basis of this practice is coming from a lineage of Kriya Yoga which from the ancient texts and ascended masters believe to be one of the most original and self- empowering techniques to learn. All the fundamental principles of this practice in every aspect will improve all the systems of the body, as it’s neuro-muscular not just physical as it is with other yogic teachings. The difference between this and ordinary Kriya yoga is that Pranayama breathing techniques have been added to the practice which makes it the only one of it’s kind, developed and taught by Yogi Ashokananda since the millennium. Practicing PKY regularly will increase pranic flow (life force) in the body which regenerates the cells, nervous system and every organ in the body eliminating toxic waste and prevents and slows down the aging process. It is highly beneficial for every age group and ability as progress will naturally occur as you deepen your practice. This style of yoga is a strong cardio vascular exercise as well as deeply elevating the consciousness with mudras, meditation and mantras.

I find that positive and quick results are seen with PKY as it can heal all the layers of the body dependant on how much you wish to see radical changes in yourself. It is a life changing experience and self -empowering practice, not just a yoga that extends or stretches your body & mind.