Fiona Overell

Brisbane QLD

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Yoga on the mat offers us an experiential space to explore the depths of our mind, body, soul & heart. To become quite, yet focused and attentive to the deep callings within.
There was once a time when I felt empty and disconnected, working long hours in an unfulfilling career and constantly searching for quick fixes to fill the void within. When I lost someone very close I realized the preciousness and impermanence of life and that I needed to slow down, get to know myself and find what supported me in finding true happiness and contentment.
The first Yoga class I attended, in Canada, triggered something deep inside, a feeling of ‘waking up’ to the interconnectivity of everything. Always loving adventure and travel I now travel inward allowing connecting to the whispers of my soul’s passion, delight and joy.
With over 7 years of practice and devotion I am influenced by: Mindfulness Meditation, Anusara, Vinyasa, Embodied Flow & Yin yoga, Shiatsu and 5 Element Theory, Energetic Bodywork, Anatomy & Physiology, Shamanism and free-form dancing to name a few. I enjoy sharing the path I have walked including my challenges, inspirations and influences.
The ancient teachings of Yoga are transformational and support those looking for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development and freedom.


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