Fiona Raymond

Sri Lanka

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Fiona discovered the transformational effect of Kundalini Yoga in South America, having left a stressful job as a lawyer in London. She has been teaching Kundalini Yoga for 15 years, is Level 1 & 2 KRI Certified teacher and is presently a Professional Teacher
Trainer in the Aquarian Academy. Fiona is a passionate and dedicated teacher whose classes are infused with rhythm and music. She uses the sacred science of Kundalini yoga kriyas and meditations to assist students to deal with lifes everyday challenges and relationships. Her background in the corporate world, enables her to build a bridge of understanding for individuals and corporate groups creating programs for burnt out execs looking to recharge their batteries and learn new life lessons. She gives healing sound or Gong baths. The Gong is a tool that recreates the original sound of the cosmos. This sound basically bathes the human mind and allows it to go into a very deep relaxed state of no thought or Theta wave. In that state we heal physically, mentally and emotionally.


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