Fiona Smith

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I am a KRI level 1 Kundalini Yoga Instructor and Sculptor based in County Meath Ireland.
I love sharing the many benefits of Kundalini Yoga with my yogis. Kundalini Yoga goes beyond the physical performance of poses with its emphasis on breathing, meditation, mudras and chanting.
It is especially suited to the needs of busy people who want to stay calm, bright and centered in a high-energy world.
I have worked as a Sculptor since the early 1990’s. My bronze birds are on show in galleries around Ireland and UK.


Average: 4.9 of 5 stars

17 Reviews

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I found Fiona to be an amazing teacher and I'm only sorry I hadn't found her sooner, she gave me a love of yoga.

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Great teacher of Kundalini Yoga explains all and very spiritual

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

Fiona holds the most beautiful sacred safe space. She has a very gentle nature, beautiful energy, and is extremely knowledgeable with the mood of the class being both light and informative. Each class is well thought out, from the music she plays to the information hand outs she provides, and each class is delivered beautifully. She teaches in a calm grounded way, with clarity and love for her work, that inspires so much. She will help you enjoy and deepen your practice.
I come away feeling relaxed, connected and grounded and Fiona has helped re-ignite my love and passion for Kundalini Yoga. If you have the opportunity to learn with her it will be a gift of growth you give yourself. I would highly recommend practicing with her.

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Enjoyable class.

This is a very enjoyable class, lovely atmosphere, I come out feeling distressed and happy.

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Classes in Kells, Co. Meath

Fiona is a gentle & competent teacher, she explains the purpose of each session before we begin & is carefull to communicate each move properly. She always emphasises not only the physical benefits but the spiritual benefits of each class. There is always a lovely energy in the room. I can highly recommend Fiona from my experience.

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I have been attending Fiona's class for over one year and find it very Balanced and Relaxed. Fiona is an expression of the beauty that is Yoga with a presence that resonates throughout each class.

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Kundalini Yoga with Fiona

Fiona is a wonderful teacher who inspires, teaches well and lives by what she teaches. I feel great after her classes.

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Yoga for life

I've been attending Fiona's classes for almost a year. I have found them hugely beneficial. I am feeling more relaxed and happy. Fiona explains ahead of each class what we will be doing and what element of our body/emotions we will be focusing on. She demonstrates each movement well and has never repeated the same class twice. I always look forward to her class. Kathryn

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Moves, music and spirit!

I have been attending classes with Fiona for many months now and I really enjoy them. The Kundalini yoga she teaches has opened up a whole new area of my life. I find the spiritual aspect to the yoga is what I enjoy most. I love the music which is well chosen and greatly enhances the class.

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Really love attending Fiona's classes. I find Fiona's instructions clear and precise without putting too much pressure on you to push yourself outside of your current limits. I find the balance between movements and meditation really allows me to switch off and focus on what I am doing in the class. It's like a minnie break from my hectic daily life and quality time just for me. Well worth attending!

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After and hour or two of yoga with Fiona leading, I feel that I have benefited mentally, spiritually and physically. It's a beautiful experience and necessary to our wellbeing. Fiona is unhurried, realistic and exudes an aura of peace and understanding which penetrates the spirit of me, when I attend her class. My experience of yoga with Fiona is on the Hill of Tara and the kundalini yoga seems to blend in with the environment and also with the spirit of Fiona. It is an extra bonus to be on the Hill of Tara but I do believe that an environment for yoga could actually be physically created in any location as long as the leader has a strong spiritual aura.

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feeling good

very therapeutic. Find Fiona very warm and welcoming teacher. Find the classes very enjoyable good teacher, hope to keep attending classes for the foreseeable future that is if time allows me to between work and personal commitments.

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Yoga Experience

Fiona has a lovely gentle way about her and it translates into everything that she does whether it be her sculptor or yoga. She gives you her all and is dedicated to making sure everyone in the class has a real experience because she wants to give you the very best. She is passionate about yoga and it comes across all the time. Highly recommended this teacher.

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Excellent teacher

Fiona"s class is the first yoga class I have really enjoyed. I come away feeling really relaxed. She is a lovely teacher who makes everyone feel very comfortable. She balances the physical with the spiritual rather than just being a stretching / exercise class as other classes that I have attended in the past seemed to be.

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A Special Teacher

Fiona creates a wonderful, peaceful and safe space for people, whatever their level of experience, to enjoy the practice of Kundalini Yoga. Her teaching style is easy and relaxed - demonstration and instruction - corrections made simply, by a quiet word or touch. The numbers of people attending her classes around Co. Meath attest to her excellence.

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Eager to share her love of yoga.

Friendly and kind, Fiona explains poses and the logic behind them thoroughly, making her classes fun interesting and challenging. I truly enjoy yoga with her as my teacher.

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A light during my week :)

Fiona is a wonderful teacher, serene, positive, demonstrates every move and then checks to ensure we all stay aligned as much as our inflexible bodies can be, her classes are a wonderful combination of toning and stretching and blissful meditation and relaxation. It's a joy to have a class with Fiona to look forward to; 90 minutes of heaven :)