Fleur Poad

United Kingdom
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I come from a dance, performance and movement background and first got introduced to Yoga in 2002.
I was amazed at things I have never felt in my body before and for many years after tried different styles, teachers and locations to delve deeper, taking everything that moved and benefitted with me on the journey of yoga.

Finally I made the choice to become a teacher as I had been teaching dance, martial arts and movement already for over 5 years.

I care about each individual and make sure nobody is left behind or feels left out in my classes.
My feedback has been that people feel safe and amazing after my classes which I am very happy and grateful about.

My students are in studios to community halls and 5*hotels.

I teach privately and in open classes. Each class is differently energetically and I make sure that I take notice of my students.

Moving with intention and attention , yoga is not just the physical body but the connection between it and your mind.

I hope that everyone can leave my class feeling lighter at heart, stronger and bendier and more connected to everything.


Average: 4.8 of 5 stars

5 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Really beautiful atmosphere in class

I was very impressed with Fleur's yin class - she's clearly very competent and experienced but the teaching of postures was complemented by a really lovely atmosphere. Fleur's voice and presence made the whole experience really special. She used some teachings to structure the class and the essential oils she used for a gentle (optional) massage at the end were lovely. I left feeling very relaxed and like I had been guided through a body-mind experience.

Fleur PoadOctober 13, 2016
Thank you

Dear Kat
Thank you so much for your feedback. irsthe best feeling knowing I Could facilitate the right atmosphere for you to relax .
Have a lovely rest of the week xx

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When I walked late into the warm yoga room, Fleur made one significant move: she invited me to take a free space right in front of her rather than ignoring me and shunning me to the back. Her voice was calming but firm and I appreciated her Rumi quotes that made sense with the practice and the Ludovico Einaudi music she chose. She was great at explaining and demonstrating various options for the poses and clarifying as the time progresses where we should feel the stretches.


She did a great job of linking the movements with their respective effects on the kidneys/liver/stomach and what that signifies (fear). I appreciated her encouragement to continue through the scary pain in the joints and to push my own practice, feeling safe. Thanks, Fleur! Best of luck!

Fleur PoadAugust 17, 2016
Thank you

Dear Vil,

Thank you so very much for your kind review. I am glad you enjoyed the music and felt welcome as of course you were!
I very much hope that the pain in your joints was a stretching sensation rather than actual pain? Finding the balance between a gentle stretch and relaxation so the body eases into releasing tension and tightness and opens up. We don't want to feel pain in a way that it turns to suffering.
I wish you a further wonderful time exploring your practice and hope to see you in class again soon.


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Amazing teacher!

I had been a fan of yoga in the past, I then attended my first class with Fleur a few months ago and I now LOVE yoga! Fleur is an amazing teacher and I look forward to each and every class with her. Fleur is extremely encouraging, explaining movements in much detail. Additionally, her attention to making sure you're in the right positioning with advice on adjustments, ensures good practice and no injuries. Thank you Fleur!

Fleur PoadJanuary 23, 2016
Heartfelt Thank you

Dear Francesca

Thank you so much of your review. I am so happy that you enjoy Yoga which makes me really happy as that is one of the main reasons I wanted to teach to share the joy I experience myself when practicing. I see you get stronger and stronger and I am so glad to be a little part of your yoga journey.

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Great start of the week

Fleur is a fantastic teacher, she is very thorough and great to have first thing on Monday morning practice. She convinces you to try and go out of your comfort zone. Love her practice . Sandrine

Fleur PoadDecember 2, 2015

That's wonderful. Thank you so much!
I'm so happy that I can inspire you. Happy Mondays :)