Flore Nicolas

Lund, Malmö

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Flore is a deeply enthusiastic and loving Ayurvedic doctor, passionate about guiding people to their higher state of happiness through health using ayurveda, yoga, tantra and other natural health therapies. Her teachings are playful, full of wisdom and heartful passion. She lectures across Europe, holds workshops and gives private consultations.
Flore is a university qualified Ayurvedic doctor, with 12 years of experience practising and teaching in Europe, India and Africa. She has been doing yoga for more than 20 years and tantra for 6 years.
She is the founder of the "Conscious Parenthood" courses, co-founder of the "Radiant Couple" courses and of the Ecstatic Womanhood Institute. Flore loves to work with Ayurveda as a tantric and yogic medicine, bringing ecstacy to the body, mind and soul.
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