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I first turned to yoga after reading about its weight loss and strengthening benefits. I started my journey and with time, I enjoyed the unifying aspect of yoga so much. Yoga became to me, more than just a physical practice. I had found myself and my voice, I felt calm, strong, focused and peaceful. Due to this I signed up for teacher training just to deepen my knowledge at Namah Shivaya Yoga and graduated in 2009. After growing my own personal practice, I began Umoja Yoga in 2010. I teach vinyasa-focused and gentle restorative classes which include healing asana flow, pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation to allow the practitioner strengthen, release stress, dis-ease, find peace and balance. I have since been teaching in the Dallas area.

Umoja means unity in Swahili, and my classes aim to unite physical fitness with mental clarity and peace, bringing the body, mind, emotions and life energies back to a natural balanced state. A full calendar of daily classes offers on my online portal; everything from Power Yoga Flow—an intense, detoxifying session complete with linked breathing techniques, healing and restorative sequences to bring you back to balance after an injury, or just a long day and gentle yoga flows for beginners and seniors.

I love helping people from all walks for life, so please feel free to join us on one of our weekend classes in Dallas for Yoga and Meditation. Namaste

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