Fran Siebrits

Cape Town
South Africa

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Fran’s has dedicated her life to acquiring the skills, confidence and wisdom to offer certain practices for a holistic and healthy approach to life. She has her own brand, "Tuning In", offering mind and body practices for a healthy lifestyle. Fran offers what she knows from her own experience, aiming for authenticity. Her life’s journey has led her to train in a number of different practices, having a foundation of mindfulness on which to learn and develop further.

She has been a yoga practitioner for eight years. Having realised her love to share yoga and support others along their path of spiritual development, she qualified as a yoga instructor at Ananda Sanga Educational Institute. Her training and style is spiritually based with its roots in Integral and Hatha Vinyasa Yoga. She is passionate about integration in her classes, which consist of a carefully selected sequence of asanas (physical yoga postures), pranayama (breathing techniques) and yoga nidra (deep conscious relaxation and visualisation). Working one-on-one is optimal for Fran, as she feels the practitioner can gain more benefits by having sessions customised to suit their physical, emotional and energetic levels as they deepen their practice.

Fran is also qualified in pilates, and has found a home at The Source, where she completed her advanced and equipment training through Conscious Movement Education. Pilates has been of much benefit to her own strength and understanding of body mechanics and movement.

As an addition to her interest in body movement, therapy and rehabilitation came as a natural next step. Fran is qualified in MYYO Technique, a natural way of healing pain effectively combining pressure-point release and yogic stretching.


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