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Skybody® offers Teacher Training in its unique aerial yoga practice, as well as offers classes in the Aerial Arts.
Float® Aerial Yoga was dubbed the “real deal” in aerial yoga “suspension training” because of its heart felt connection to Yoga: usage of the 8 Limbs of Yoga as its guide, use of Pranayama, mindful connection to physical movement, its ongoing lessons in alignment, spatial, vestibular awareness, cultivation of inner perceptual awareness, balance, and deep meditative practices.
It’s creator and founder, Fran Sperling originally conceived this program as part an Aerial Fitness Program implemented within Reebok Sports Club/ NY in 2008.

Skybody® provides studios and gyms with quality aerial fitness classes.
Float Aerial Yoga is a unique, genuine program with its heart immersed in the yoga teachings.
Playful and joyful, it can be taught as a challenging workout as well as a restorative and healing one.

Skybody offers a 60- hr teacher training program for its aerial yoga program.

It also provides expert instruction in silks, trapeze, aerial hoop ( lyra) and rope in various Aerial Studios.


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