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Francesca Vincenza Nobile was born in Modica, a small town in the Sicilian Province of Ragusa (Italy), on the 27th of June 1980.
She holds a degree cum laude in painting at the Accamedia di Belle Arti of Florence.
She later graduated at the Master in Concept Brand Image at Polimoda Institute, also in Florence.
Furthermore, Francesca holds a degree in Hatha Yoga and Biomovement at the Yoga Academy in Siracusa, Sicily, where she still holds classes on the same subject since 2010.
She has also taken the yoga specialization degree at the Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano (), obtained at the Garuda University of Catania, Sicily.
Francesca also attended various Yoga and Shiatsu seminars, through the Odaka Yoga in Rome and the Shi Wa in Milan, which granted her the title of Laughter Yoga Leader.
Nowadays, Francesca mainly works as Graphic Designer, Painter and Yoga Teacher (for kids and adults), at her self-established Atelier "LOVE PROJECT" in Siracusa, where she happily lives with her family.


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