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Love & Light!
I am a yoga teacher trained under the principles of Ashtanga yoga. In the past, I have battled many medical ailments such as depression & anxiety; and also diagnosed with carbon dioxide poisoning (from second hand smoke), hypoglycemia and type 2 diabetes. The lifestyle of Yoga helped me to be healed and management these ailments; and essentially changed my life for the better! I aim to help people with medical ailments, mental ailments, athletes and those who strive for over-all well-being! I have a background working in the medical field being certified as a Medical Assistant and EKG Technician; and I work with doctors, nutritionist and other specialized trainers to provide the best possible service to the students in my classes and my private clients!
I am a single mom to a 17 year old soccer player. I am the owner of The FMS Company; and an executive board member and Managing Director of The Learning Connection. My yoga brand is 'PranaSoul Wellness' which Is still in development. I am very involved in charity work. I work with the Youth Empowerment Program as a mentor and the manager of the West District in the program. I serve as an advisory board member and CMO for Lend A Hand Bahamas and a volunteer for The Care Closet.

Social Media Contacts
Twitter: IrieFranki
Instagram: IrieFrankiTheYogi & PranaSoulwellness
Facebook: PranaSoul Wellness
Snapchat: iriefranki


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