Frank Battaglia

Toronto & Lakeshore, ON

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I am currently in production of a feature length documentary, Charles Lindbergh : Democracy and Dissent, -- check out my FB page;

My partners and I owned and operated an international revision production Company with offices in Los Angeles and Paris, that we sold in 2009. where I worked as an independent documentary film producer and operated an international television production company.

I began my Kundalini Yoga practice in 2005 in Los Angeles California and decided to teach and was subsequently certified as an instructor at Yogi Bhajan's Ashram, Hacienda de Guru Ram Das, in Espanola, New Mexico in 2010.

I have experimented with numerous meditation practices beginning in 1986 until 2010 when I was introduced to the ancient technique of Vipassana meditation as taught by Goenka. The technique was first taught by The Buddha 2500 years ago and was preserved in Burma until being reintroduced to the world by Goenkaji.


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