Frank Jesse

Dunkeld VIC
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In 1995 Frank founded Clifton Hill Yoga Studio, and built it into Australia largest and most successful Iyengar Yoga centre. Frank and Jane sold Clifton Hill Yoga studio to establish Griffins Hill retreat. Frank has over 25 years yoga teaching experience and is qualified to conduct Iyengar Yoga teaching training. Having successfully trained dozens of yoga teachers, Frank is widely respected in by his peers and apprentices, and is highly valued for his work on assessment board of the B. K. S. Iyengar Yoga Association of Australia. The assessment board (does what?)

In choosing the Southern Grampians as a location for a retreat center Frank and Jane are continuing the historical connection of yoga to the mountains. The lineage of Iyengar yoga traces back to Ramamohana Brahmachari a yoga teacher who lived in cave in the Himalayan Mountains. Ramamohana ensured the preservation of yoga and taught more than 3000 yoga postures. His pupils included Krishmacharya who in turn was the principal teacher of Iyengar who introduced Iyengar Yoga to the western world.