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I first came to yoga as a student, looking for ways of coping with exam stress, and quickly realised that I had found much more! I was lucky to have a teacher who inspired me with her joyous and open approach to the vast subject that is yoga. After class I often found that I not only felt I had stretched and moved my body in ways I wasn't used to, but that I also felt more in touch with myself at a deeper level, and more at peace with the world around me. I have continued to discover in yoga a deeply nourishing and resourcing practice, which has helped me through many changes in my life - not least becoming a mother, and the death of my own mother. To get on my mat each day is not always easy, but it consistently rewards me with a sense of space and connection with myself, and the possibility of taking this out into my daily life.
I trained to be a teacher in 1999, and have been teaching weekly classes ever since. I have teaching diplomas from the British Wheel of Yoga, Bihar School of Yoga, and from Birthlight, which specialises in the teaching of yoga to pregnant and postnatal women. I have also trained to teach yoga to people living with cancer.
I teach classical hatha yoga in Stroud and Bristol. These are integral and holistic classes, which include a balance of asana (postures), pranayama (breathing practices), and meditation or relaxation (yoga nidra).
I have a beautiful yoga studio in Stroud, and from here I also offer workshops and longer sessions at weekends, dedicated meditation classes, and weekly classes for pregnancy and for mums and babies. One-to-ones, workplace sessions and birth preparation classes are available on request.

Specialist training: Birthlight, Perinatal Diploma; BWY Postnatal Yoga; Early Years Yoga; Yoga for People living with Cancer (BWY). Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs.
I have also co-trained on teacher training courses, and am an assessor of new yoga teachers.


Average: 4.9 of 5 stars

11 Reviews

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Holistic Yoga

I have been practicing with Frankie for 8 yrs firstly with my daughter in her very nurturing baby and mothers group and then the adult classes. Frankie has a large and very loyal following in Bristol because she is quite simply a very skilled teacher. Her adult classes are very holistic, gentle and respectful. With a focus on breath and mediation the classes are deeply relaxing and energising- just the ticket on a monday night.


Because Frankie is so clear she very rarely has to adjust ones poses and encourages an independence in our own practice which is a lovely way to work. She also runs brilliant workshops from her very special studio in Stroud which are a real pleasure. Frankie is a very supportive, clear and respectful person whose integrity, great sense of humour and lovely manner make her classes a real treat. I highly recommend her as a teacher.

Frankie DugganJanuary 31, 2016

Thanks, Fern - it has been such a pleasure to teach you and your two beautiful girls. I hope you'll be able to continue coming to class in Stroud.

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Absolute gem!

Frankies classes are thorough, steady, very well structured, safe (if you follow precisely and understand your self and it's trickeries), deep and soundly based on Yoga philosophy without ever being preachy, overly talkative, hyper active or boring or preferential.


Frankie teaches from her mat so doesn't wander amongst us but will demonstrate if there's confusion or correct by advising, not adjusting. Her classes always also cover pranayama, relaxation and meditation. There's a feeling of confidence that she knows what she is talking about, (due to the quality of the teaching and the depth of her own practice) and she makes appropriate compensations for any injuries or illnesses.
She will begin and end classes with chanting Om and may use chanting at other times, (her own or as a group) but it is not compulsory or regimented and I've never felt pressurised to do anything I didn't want to, in fact by chanting Om at the beginning and end there's a real sense of honour of ourselves, the teacher and of the teaching.
The Bristol classes are held in a lovely large room (Friends Meeting House) with space to see and move and not feel cramped or intimidated by gym or fashion types as per some competitive fitness environments. Thankfully there's no music or incense to irritate. Bring your own blanket & cushion for meditation. Frankies studio in Stroud is a lovely light space with plenty of props. and no wall of ropes but healthy tea instead!
Satyananda as style of teaching precise postures can feel a little a slow compared to other dynamic approaches but only as long as you haven't 'got it' and aren't working with the breath. Once you've 'got it' and understand the depth of the experience that is personally possible you don't want or need to go back to the acrobatic types.
Frankies classes are profound and holistic and so are the perfect foundation and springboard for personal development, if you want to open to that possibility, as well as being taken as a simple form of safe exercise in their own right. The freedom to choose is yours.
As a qualified teacher myself with over 500 teaching hours, I have also had many other different teachers over many years, so yes Frankie is a rare gem of a teacher and why I've been going to her for over 5 years.

Frankie DugganJanuary 31, 2016

Thank you Gyl for your thoughtful and comprehensive review, and for your attentive and particpatory approach - it is great to have you in the class :)

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Frankie's beautiful yoga class

A very friendly yoga class run by an amazing lady with patience & humour!
Each class is planned with care and consideration and leads up to learning new routines. Lots of time spent on berating and just being which is very much needed in this fast pace life.
Couldn't recommend it enough, I have found my yoga place!

Frankie DugganDecember 23, 2015

Thank you Ellie! Though I hope I don't berate you too much ;-)

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Yoga with Frankie

I have been attending Satyananda yoga classes with Frankie for nearly four years. She is a very experienced and competent teacher. Her classes are always well thought out and cover a range of asanas, pranayama and meditation. One of the things I like most about her is her concern for the well being of each and every member of the class. If you have a health problem she will not only give you advice about how you can approach that day's class, but she will also send you tips, exercises etc. when the class is over. She is a very friendly, warm and affectionate person. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to learn or practise yoga.

Frankie DugganDecember 23, 2015

Thanks Judith. I hope you have a fantastic time in Spain and will look forward to having you back in class.

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Frankie's Yoga

I've been going to Frankie's yoga class for 16 years which in itself says a lot about what a great teacher she is! It's a very nourishing and nurturing space to be in and I always leave class feeling calmer in body and in spirit. Frankie is a very warm and sympathetic person and really encourages us to make yoga part of our everyday routines. Highly recommended!

Frankie DugganDecember 23, 2015

Thank you Ann-Marie - it feels like we have been on a journey together since that first class you, Jak and Naomi came to all those years ago!

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Teaching awareness and simplicity.

Frankie is full of her practice: calming and focused, mindful and spiritual. She has a warm and humorous personality, but her teaching is down to earth, serious and non competitive. She never expects us to over reach ourselves. She is encouraging to all, and does not believe in "levels" of achievement. We love her classes and are very fond of her.

Frankie DugganDecember 15, 2015

Thanks, Hilary. I am also very fond of you!

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Great yoga teacher

I have been doing a yoga class with Frankie for a couple of years, on a friend's recommendation. Frankie's a great teacher - her classes are well prepared, she explains all the movements really well and has a lovely calm manner which exudes spirituality.

Frankie DugganDecember 15, 2015

Thanks Anna! Here's to many more years of yoga together!

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Lovely Frankie

Frankie is a wonderful teacher. I have been practicing with her for years and I am still learning and still being nourished by her teaching. She enables the development of a profound relationship between matter and spirit.

Frankie DugganDecember 15, 2015

Thank you Isabel! I look forward to many more years of yoga classes with you.

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A Fine Balance

Frankie is a very calm confident and friendly teacher. She is mindful of the physical issues of individuals in the class and adjusts poses accordingly. The yoga has a strong spiritual aspect with themes for each term. Not all serious - we laugh as well! To be recommended.

Frankie DugganDecember 7, 2015

Thank you, Ruth! You are a great addition to the group, and I am really looking forward to our Spanish yoga and walking week!

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Brilliant teacher, I would highly recommend Frankie.

Frankie DugganDecember 4, 2015

Thanks Caroline! We miss you on Monday mornings - hope you are well x

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Frankie's yoga

I have practised yoga since my early 20's so that is nearly 35 years. However, I have never connected to it so deeply before since experiencing Frankie's yoga class. Frankie is a wonderful teacher. Her classes are like going into a different world where the body and mind meet. Her guidance and attention to everyone's individual needs is very special. Her knowledge and teaching is precise. The classes inspire a spiritual dimension but with warmth and sense of fun and playfulness.

Frankie DugganFebruary 20, 2015

Thank you Liz! I was lucky to be inspired by my very first yoga teacher, who showed me something about the possibility of meeting myself fully - in a very light way - and encouraged me to take my practice further. It is a pleasure to have you in the class, tennis matches allowing, and I hope you will continue to come for many years.