Funda Yilmaz

atlanta, GA
United States

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What I do isn't yoga in the traditional sense, but a way of experiencing the Joy of LIFE. I draw from various disciplines, including science, art, music, singing, and dance to enrich your meditation and movement practice. Together we release the tension stuck in your body and mind and make life simple again.

I grew up in a family where music, dance and spirituality was kept in high regard. My grandfather would take me out on nature walks where we paid respect to the various insects, flowers and wildlife that crossed our path. My grandmother was always doing something musical, singing and I grew up to be a dancer, painter, sculptor, then I became a counselor. I learned the human strengths and will to live and the true power of LOVE during my work with trauma survivors of all ages; 6 months to 80 years young individuals from all backgrounds and income levels. For the last 4 years, I've been studying meditation with various leaders, including the Sufi Mystic Adnan Sarhan and world-class musicians like Johnny Knapp. So, my yoga is complex and simple as life, and better felt than talked about. EMDR meditation developed from the marriage of these different worlds, as did the Core Energy Dance (Tantric Dance).

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  1. Tantra & Meditation Intensive
    Rue de Trisogne 30, Durbuy BE
    Nov 18 to
    Nov 20