Fyodor Vidal

Auckland E7
New Zealand

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The energy, as it unties the knots of the subtle body takes a three-fold transformation.

First, widespread and restless at the base of the hips. Second, warm, subtle and calm at the space of the heart. Finally, absolute and so powerful inside the brain.

The Kundalini, as pointed and sharp as the head of the needle, shall crawl its way up through the neck and the moment it pierces through the ears, it becomes so thin and absolute with a mind of its own. At this point, the senses lose most of their control over the physical.

This stage is critical. Breathe suddenly and the confinement bursts. The mind wanders and gets distracted, the senses return. Then, everything shall be lost and the student would have to start the long process over again. My advice is to let it go. There is always the next session.

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