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The Becoming of the Spirit

God is felt, heard and seen, literally.

The energy, as it ascends through the spine takes a three-fold transformation. First, widespread and restless at the base of the hips then subtle and calm at the space of the heart.

The energy, assuming the shape of a small ball, shall then crawl its way up through the neck and the moment it pierces through the ears, it becomes so thin and absolute with a mind of its own. At this point, the senses lose most of their control over the physical.

This stage is critical. Breathe suddenly and the confinement bursts. The mind wanders and gets distracted, the senses return. Then, everything shall be lost and you have to start the long process over again. You will be lucky if it gets back.

The Bandhas need to stay aware in order to keep the organs functioning, otherwise, the person might collapse and lose consciousness. The Kundalini shall continue its ascent as its two tips (it feels more of a head to me) flood both sides of the ears with a loud deafening sound and a tingle of electrical current.

From there, they will pierce through the hemispheres of the brain and shall creep up and down, harnessing more power from the core of the hips. While this happens, a soothing cold line of electricity could be felt passing through the backs of the throat and up to the top of the head. All these electrical sensations shall then unite at the crown. Interesting, the crown is not the topmost point of the head but around two inches below it and a few inches higher than the tip of the forehead. At the crown, they become one powerful vibrating current (feels ecstatic, actually), it feels like its drilling a hole in the skull.
​As this happens, the mind could wander around places, spin, connect with other subtle energetic forms, see its host body and its energetic equivalence do two different things at once.

Then, it peaks and everything stops. What is left lingering in the mind are two planes of shades, the white at the top and the black below it. The sound takes a humming transformation.

All these happen almost simultaneously. The whole experience lasts so quickly too, few minutes tops.

There are so many roads leading to the same experience. Some people are so gifted they are naturally sensitive to subtle energetic manifestations. Although my take is that the aspirant could manage it more effectively if he learns it from scratch.

I chose the path where I have a platform to work on. That platform is the physical body. The end goal is the same. Kundalini Awakening is an inevitable part whether be it through pure concentration and meditation or the process which starts with the tangible such as the physical body.

So what happens after the trance? The person shall return to his old body. But he shall never see the world the same ever again. His priorities could change. His life goals could even take a complete turn around.

All life's mysteries are actually realities hidden behind the senses. He could just slip in and out of the trance whenever he meditates. It is the effect of this profound experience over his spirit which lasts forever.

Anatomical and Energetic Alignment©

This is the method where I build my practice, teach my students and develop future teachers. Discipline of the body. Willpower of the mind. Devotion to the spirit.


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