Gabriela Cawthorn


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I am a certified yoga teacher and Pilates instructor, with a background in teaching martial arts. I offer yoga and Pilates sessions at your home, office, or favorite outdoor location. Each yoga session will be designed for you and your needs.

Yoga postures bring physical & mental awareness, promote the free flow of energy throughout the body and assist in the elimination of toxins from the body. Yoga postures exert a beneficial pressure on various glands and internal organs, flushing and stimulating them. Even a little practice can produce amazing improvements in general health. Using the breath, our own body weight (isometrics) as well as props - blankets, straps, blocks & the wall - we will create space & ease tension in our body, and create a positive mental attitude.

I teach both challenging classes (Ashtanga Vinyasa, Power Yoga) and gentle classes (Yin, Restorative) or a mix, tapping into both the yang and yin energy.

I enjoy the opportunity to teach specialty classes so that people of all ages and levels can experience yoga. I also like to work with athletes needing to focus on sport-specific balance, strength, and flexibility, or those recovering from injuries.

I believe that to achieve true happiness every thought, action, emotion and intention should come from a place of love, as this is the essence of the soul.



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