Gabriela Grünefeld

United Kingdom

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I came to Yoga about 23 years ago, back in Germany. I was pregnant with my second child, and was looking for a way to have an “easier” birth. I found Yoga and was surprised and astonished about how certain postures, and especially breathing techniques support the whole experience, and had a most wonderful birth.

I lapsed after the birth, but soon found myself going back to Yoga, when I felt stressed with two little children.

I started out with Kundalini Yoga, and ended up training Hatha Yoga with Vinyasa flow sequences, but still find Kundalini elements in my practise.

When you do Yoga for a number of years you feel the changes and become curious. So I started the teacher-training course, learning about the history, the philosophy, anatomy and physiology, how to teach and much more.

I love teaching Yoga, and find it very gratifying to see how much people enjoy the experience.

I do workshops regularly to stay in touch with new developments, and to deepen my knowledge in Yoga philosophy and the anatomical and physiological side of Yoga.

I have been working with all ages from teenager to 75 years old.

I want to provide a friendly and safe atmosphere during my lessons, so everybody feels welcome and taken care of – and – you will feel the changes!



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