Gabriele Mcsween

Ancaster, ON

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I am a Yin Yoga Instructor and own a Yin Yoga Studio in Ancaster, Ontario. I did my training through Yinspiration in Bali, Indonesian with my two fabulous teachers Jo Phee and Joe Barnett. Both are working with Paul and Suzie Grilley, the co-founders of Yin Yoga.
I believe in the power of practicing Yin Yoga. It releases build up tension we keep in the body and tissues. It destresses your mind and is a very meditative form of yoga where we stay in the poses for 6-10 minutes. All my classes are very quiet, meditative, sound healing mantras in the background and you feel like a brandnew person after. I use also myofascial release techniques at times. All classes are 90 minutes in length. 15 min Breathing, 60 min Yin Yoga and 15 min Shavasana.
I return to Bali every year to do Yin Yoga Retreats for a week at a time. The magic of the Balinese culture, religion and it's wonderful people complements Yin Yoga to the fullest.


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