Gabriella Flowerdew

United Kingdom

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My name is Gabriella. I have been practising yoga for a few years now. It came very naturally to me with my background in dance. What I really wanted to do with Yoga was teach. Share my love of Yoga and introduce people to the Yogi lifestyle or simple teach a class just for fitness. I will tailor need a class just for you. I have great pleasure in teaching yoga. I enjoy watching my students grow into discovering purification through self observation. Learning things on the mat, to take off the mat, to incorporate into their daily lives. My practice is a blend of Vinyasa Flow and Hatha. Energising, strengthening the core, increase in flexibility, increase in focus, calming the mind, reducing stress levels, balancing hormone levels and breaking through the layers of conditioning into a place inside you. A space of peace, calmness and transcendental joy. Namaste :)


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