Gabrielle Alberts

South Africa

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I am a health & lifestyle coach, bodywork practitioner & holistic yoga teacher who has dedicated her life to living yoga.

After suffering for several years from chronic illness, severe depression and anxiety, I began a daily yoga practice which transformed my body, mind and life– leading me down a path of study, exploration and practice of alternative healing, conscious nourishment and a lifestyle in harmony with nature.

Having discovered something on my mat I had never experienced before- inner peace, I completed my Yoga Teacher Training and continued to deepen my practice through the study and integration of various healing modalities including Massage Therapy, Reiki, Meditation, Herbal Medicine and Cellular Regenerative Detoxification through plants, fasting and nature therapy.

Throughout my difficulties with both mental and physical health – the return to the sacredness of my body has always been my liberation. Our bodies are the space in which we experience life – and our quality of health determines how deeply felt, vivid and fulfilling our experience is. My experience has evoked a deep understanding and compassion for the difficulties so many of us face and I aim to inspire a deeper intimacy with Self where all parts of our beings are accepted, integrated and encouraged to live their highest form and truest expression.

My Soul Purpose is to live and share the depth, inspiration and joy that springs from the well of love from deep within each one of us. To create the moments that lead us back to what we crave the most – our True Divine Nature. To offer each being the gift of their own self and lead each other back home.

Today, I embrace my love of adventure by travelling around the country, teaching all aspects of not only practicing, but living, yoga, offering healings and bodywork, running workshops, massage trainings and retreats, and living my passion for a vibrant, sacred and natural life.


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