Gabrielle Edwards

Kingston ACT

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Yoga is no panacea for all your ills and troubles but it is the best way I have found to develop and maintain strength, flexibility and peace of mind.

I've always maintained good, and at times excellent, levels of fitness and well-being through activities like bush walking, cycling and swimming. While I enjoyed, and still enjoy, these activities very much, for me there is nothing that matches yoga for cultivating inner and outer strength.

I have studied various styles of yoga over the years. I love the challenge and endurance of Power, the grace and surrender of Yin, the creative expression of Flow, the teamwork and playfulness of Acro, the discipline and precision of Iyengar. I incorporate elements of all these practices into my classes to help you develop a safe, sound and enjoyable practice.

Classes are tailored to different levels, so whether you are just starting out, going gently, or looking to deepen and extend your practice, there is a place for you.

I am over 50 now, and amazed and grateful that I am still developing my practice and finding new ways to open and challenge my body. I can imagine growing older without yoga - but I really don't like to!

The important thing is to begin. Then if you like the way yoga makes you feel - continue. Greater strength, mobility and peace of mind will be yours.

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