Gabrielle Matches

New Zealand

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Mother of two boys, Gabrielle was first introduced to yoga whilst travelling in India in 1995. A keen yoga student, she decided to share this ancient spiritual wisdom with others and undertook a two year fulltime Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapy training at Wellpark College under the tutelage of the amazing Dr Sriddhar and Dr Pooja Maddela. She did further specialised training in Yoga Nidra iRest®, Restorative Yoga and Advanced Teacher Training and Alignment with Donna Farhi.
Gabrielle is passionate about the ‘yogi path’, embracing all its richness and diversity. She believes it’s a lifestyle where we awaken ourselves, and learn to live in the present with ease, authenticity and love. Yoga is something that "happens" to us. It's a lifelong journey and Gabrielle is committed to helping others, whether it be mentally, physically, emotionally.

"I welcome people of all levels and ages to attend one of my classes where you’ll find a sense of humour and heart. I promise you will come away feeling better!"Its never to late to place a foot on the transformational path of "yoga".

Week of November 27TH

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