Gail Bruner

Portland, OR
United States

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Gail Bruner is the owner and founder of Callikinetics (beautiful movement) yoga for adults, strength training for adults and tumbling for kids.

Gail’s yoga practice draws from 6 years of Ashtanga experience and 15 years of Iyengar classes & workshops with Nina Pileggi, Julie Lawrence, Rodney Yee, Gay White, Donald Moyer, John Schumacher, Richard Freeman, Richard Miller, Jane Carlson, Gabriella Giubilaro, Rebecca Lerner, Marla Apt and Patricia Walden.

Gail teaches senior fitness classes for the City of Lake Oswego, she is a yoga instructor at Jade River Healing Arts Center. Gail is an instructor at the June Taylor School of Dance. In 2014 Gail joined the Iyengar apprenticeship program at Sunset Yoga Center in Portland, Oregon.

She is a former competitive gymnast with over 25 years of teaching experience. Gail has a in Human Services and Therapeutic Recreation and a Teaching Certification in Elementary Education.


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