Gail Fulop

Dartmouth, NS

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Gail is a 500hr Certified Yoga Instructor in the Amrit Yoga Method as well as 200hr Certified as a Kripalu Yoga Instructor & is currently working towards her 'Ayurveda & Yoga Specialist' training as well. She is a standing Member of Yoga Alliance. She draws from a variety of experiences & methods of Yoga believing that every 'style' has a myriad of offerings. One of her favourite quotes, "According to Indian Philosophy, yoga is the system of gaining knowledge through direct experience. A chemist may understand the molecular basis of a strawberry. A geneticist may understand the DNA sequences that underlie different varieties of strawberries. A botanist may know the precise soil and water requirements for a strawberry plant to thrive. A Yogi knows the strawberry by taking a bite." Deepak Chopra

She became first certified in Kripalu Yoga in 2008 through AYTT Halifax with Jody Myers & Silver Frith and will always hold them in her heart as the Gurus that helped bring her 'out of the darkness of ignorance' and 'into the light of innate knowledge'. That Teacher Training experience along with the deepening bond of her new-found Christian Community at that same time, planted the seeds of 'inspire yoga'.

Since then, she has been continuously upgrading her knowledge as her passion for Yoga only deepens on a daily basis. She has certification in 'Chair Yoga', 'Seniors Yoga', 'Yoga Thrive (a Calgary based program for those dealing with Cancer). She has provided Palliative Care Yoga and also has her Reiki Level 3 Certification. She feels compelled to share all that she learns with those who choose to spend time with her. Not only in the practice at the studio, but through her music. She loves to inspire. In Jan 2014, she upgraded her Yoga Teacher Certification from 200hr to 500hr with the Founder of Kripalu Yoga ... Yogacharya Amrit Desai at his Ashram in Salt Springs, Florida. This was an unforgettable experience, direct energy exchange with Gurudev ... a personal disciple of Swami Kripalvanandji himself.

Since her first Yoga Certification, she developed a Children's Yoga Program called 'Tea-Spoons' which she shared with local Daycares, Elementary Schools and also adapted Tea-Spoons to better suit the 'Special Needs' children for a program at the school as well. She was asked to provide Yoga for a Junior High School Youth program as well as an after-school 'de-stressor' for their Teachers. She voluntarily provides the Seniors Chair Yoga Introductory Program occasionally at the Woodlawn Library.

You may see her on Eastlink TV's 'the path of yoga' hosted by Sean Drohan early weekday mornings when they air the Chair Yoga episodes that she leads. And, you may hear her Hosting Seaside FM 105.9 radio's talk show 'An Inspired Path', Thursday mornings at 9am.

"Every incorrect choice I've made in my life has taught me something", she says. So, now in her 50's she feels more focused and more grateful for each day, "Inspire all those you can with the gifts you have as best you are able. I'm still making mistakes, still flawed, still human ... but at least I've found my bumpy path. I feel like at this age, I'm at the best time of my life."


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