Gaizel Adan

Quezon City National Capital Region

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Gaizel is a high school teacher by profession who fell in love with yoga in 2013. The first yoga pose she learned was headstand. Undeniably, she got initiated into yoga on a more physical level. But when she did her yoga intership at Hariharalaya Yoga & Meditation Center in Siem Reap, Cambodia, she was able to learn the other side of yoga which is meditation. Her experience as an assistant yoga instructor at Hariharalaya redeemed her physically-focused practice and misconstrued way of looking at yoga. Since then, she has been deepening her practice of meditation alongside asana and pranayama.

Gaizel is passionate about yoga. She wishes to continue sharing the rich and beautiful tradition to people who would like to delve into its depth and remain in its mystery.


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