Gammadian Freeman

United Kingdom

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Gammadian is a storyteller, qualified shiatsu therapist, and life coach originally from England.

Caught up in the cultural intent of the late 60's for freedom, he found himself in Glastonbury where he heard a young yogi called Prem Rawat speak. He was soon initiated into the practice of Raj Yoga that Prem taught. Inspired he made his way to India to experience the source of this wisdom.

He was fortunate to meet genuine yogis and seers on his 15 year travels in India. His journeys though were cut short by complications with TB and he found himself paralysed.

Gammadian was also fascinated by Carlos Castaneda who wrote about Toltec shamanism. Searching for cures he redoubled his meditation practices and was drawn towards a recent book by Castaneda, the pragmatic teachings of the shamans of ancient Mexico that described energy movements and breathing practices that provided an energetic training.

Practising these movements he was able to access what Carlos called the Energy Body. He reclaimed his health and energy and spent the next decades training under the direct apprentices of Carlos Castaneda and teaching workshops, retreats and classes throughout the world.

He is a qualified Being Energy® teacher, an empowering program for vitality and consciousness developed by the direct apprentices of Carlos Castaneda – Dr. Miles Reid and Aerin Alexander.

Together with his partner Ena Xena, Gammadian founded Open Wing – a program that showcases their healing and teaching talents, where they offer pragmatic tools for reclaiming and focussing energy to access higher states of conscious being.


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