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With Yoga as his birthright, Ganesh is a pioneer in the field of yoga in our modern world. He hails from a family of traditional yoga practitioners from Bangalore India: his late father Mr. Rajendra Singh was a Hatha Yogi, his mother Mrs. Lakshmi Rajendra Singh is a well-known yoga guru, reputed for her teaching techniques and Bhajanmandali (a devotional music group) and his sister Shama Singh is also an avid yoga teacher. Ganesh began teaching yoga at the tender age of 11 when he imparted yogic techniques to a family in Vijayanagar. He subsequently widened his teaching experience at various educational institutions, public gatherings, places of worship and corporate holds a wealth of knowledge from his persistent pursuits of various schools of yoga (including a Master Degree in Yogic Science)which he simplifies and imparts according to his student's individual needs. With Ganesh, yoga is simplified but opens your awareness to a deeper understanding of Yoga. Ganesh is a therapeutic storm in a teacup, and comes recommended by yoga students and teachers alike!
He can teach all forms of Yoga like Hatha Yoga , Yogatherapy Backcare ,Yin Yoga, Pranayama , Meditation , Hatha Flow, Power Yoga, Props Yoga to name a few


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