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Ganga Devi is the founder/director and principal teacher of the Himalayan Yoga Institute. She has spent many years in India, devoting herself to the in-depth study of the physic-psycho-spiritual aspects of yoga and meditation, Eastern metaphysics, philosophy, Sanskrit, several living Indian languages, Indian classical dance and music.

Today she lives in London and devotes her time to serious seekers, advanced students as well as beginners. During the nineties she was the director of the yoga centre Ananda Dhiira in Northern California, USA, offering yoga to youth, adults and children and was involved in community service projects, teaching yoga to inmates. She has led yoga and meditation retreats, taught classes, workshops and seminars on yoga, diet and lifestyle in USA, India, Germany, Croatia and the UK for more than two decades. In 2007 she founded the Himalayan Yoga Institute, providing yoga education, personal development and yoga retreat holidays in Europe and India all year round.

She adapts the style of yoga (Rajadhiraja, Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Restorative, Sivananda Yoga) to individual needs and is also a successful spiritual life coach.

She is very well respected and sought after as a teacher and has developed a unique style of teaching which is the result of a wealth of knowledge and experience gained throughout many years of practice and teaching yoga to a variety of people with different needs and levels of ability. Her approach is down-to-earth while at the same time inspirational, uplifting and infused with bhakti.

In her own words:

"When I was introduced to the practices of meditation and yoga I embarked onto a marvellous and deeply revealing journey into my own Self. In the early years of my practice I experienced deep healing, beauty and grace. And a deep love for all awakened the desire within me to share this precious gift with others. Thus the desire to teach meditation and yoga was born.

My vast experience in meditation, yoga, the Indian arts and the opportunity to learn from genuine masters, have helped me to greatly deepen my practical as well as intuitive understanding of the art and science of yoga and the spiritual mysticism inherent in it."


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Would do another retreat with Ganga.

If you want to experience what authentic yoga is all about , Ganga is your teacher. Her passion for yoga will radiant over you . I left the retreat so much more knowledgable about myself and yogic philosophy . I begin all my practices now with calming meditations and I can still hear Ganga beautiful voice. Hope we meet again . Namaste. Charlotte

Ganga DeviDecember 12, 2013
Thank you Charlotte

It was a great retreat and I have very fond memories of our time together. I am glad to know that you have so much benefited from it and that you are incorporating meditation in your home practice as well. Hope to see you again on a future retreat! Loving Namaskar to you. Ganga

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Asanas, meditation, Kiirtan and much more...

Ganga Devi is the whole!
She is a gifted Acharya, a loving Guru, a devoted asanas teacher, and the most special friend you could ever dream of coming across. I have learned yogic philosophy, deepened my asanas and meditation practice and adopted a healing diet following her footsteps.
I am eternally grateful and blessed to have had the opportunity to share time with her in my journey through life.

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Teacher Training INdia 2013...

I completed my Teacher Training with Ganga in India this year and felt so honoured to be able to train and learn from such a beautiful person.
My whole life has changed from completing this study with her.. I understand more about what Yoga is and how it fits into life and helps us realize who we are meant to be.
Ganga taught me the importance of what yoga really is from a spiritual to the physical aspect. I have since been able to return to Australia and teach yoga with passion love and knowledge.
Ganga is extremely knowledgeable on so many levels about yoga and life and really lives what she teaches.. Ganga has been an inspiration for me and my practice.. Thank you soo much... xxx
Shanti Maya....

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Ganga is great!

I've been having 1-on-1 classes with her and they've basically changed my life. I have a history of back problems and pain. I've tried LOTS of different things over the years and yoga with Ganga is without a doubt the most helpful, beneficial and life-enhancing. She works me hard, but she is hugely encouraging and I feel like I'm floating with zen on my way home. Ganga tells me what the pose is, what it will benefit, and then how I can get it just right. She is a very spiritual woman, who and yoga is obviously not a job to her - it's her way of life, and that comes through and is also infectious. I'm just glad to have found her nearby. Big fan. Thanks Ganga!

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I had the privilege of experiencing Ganga's wealth of knowledge, integrity and love on a yoga teacher training course with the Himalayan Yoga Institute in Croatia last year. It was a profound learning experience that I am deeply grateful for. Ganga prepared us to be truly genuine teachers. Thank you Ganga!

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Best yoga teacher ever!

I have been going to her classes for almost a year now and have made much more progress in that time than in many years of yoga prior to that. Her classes always make you feel great, and are also fun.
One thing I find in yoga classes sometimes is that either you have something quite slow and precise where you get into the correct positions but you dont get your heart rate going, or it's quite fast and energetic but there isn't much focus on ensuring that poses are done correctly. One of the best things about her classes is that she strikes a balance between these two things - so you feel you have had a good workout but she also ensures people try as hard as they can to do each pose to the best of their ability.

Ganga DeviOctober 20, 2013
Thank you Poppy

This review truly warms my heart. Glad to know that you have experienced so much progress in your practice, that you feel the benefits and are enjoying it too.

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I did a 200H TT with Ganga in India and it was a mind opening experience. The asana practice was very different from what I was used to in the US but it allowed to explore poses that were taking out of my practice during my first TT in Miami.
We also explored the spirituality that comes with Yoga and the importance of meditation. After the training I incorporated Kriyas and other routines to my daily practice. I can also teach individuals with issues like back injuries, high blood pressure, respiratory problems, among others. She is, till this day, available by email and she gives me tips with these type of practices.

Thank you Ganga for sharing your space with us


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Himalayan Yoga Institute

I feel very privileged to have Ganga as a teacher. Her classes are both invigorating and spiritually uplifting. A sanctuary in the city.

Ganga DeviOctober 15, 2013
Thank you Lizzie

I am very grateful to have you in my classes. I always feel inspired to teach students who are both sincere and committed to the process of yoga. With every new class we get to know our bodies and minds a little bit better and get closer to discovering the immense beauty within.
It's a blessing to be able to share the gift with yoga with people who are passionate about the practice and open to explore their inner landscapes.