Ganga Sanjay

Mysore Karnataka

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Sanjay began his yoga practice during childhood, with his father Gangadharan, a well know yoga teachers in Kerala. After the completion of his Mathematics degree, Sanjay went on to complete the diploma certification course in Yoga Therapy, and the Yoga Instructor course from the renowned Vivekananda Yoga University in Bangalore. After graduation from SYVASA, Sanjay worked at various yoga centers and resorts around India where he specialized in teaching Hatha Yoga Asanas, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, Kriyas, Meditation, and different relaxation techniques. Sanjay also has more than six years of experience teaching yoga in Russia and Azerbaijan. In Russia, he worked at one of the biggest yoga centers in the country, and conducted various yoga related programs and seminars for international yoga conferences and yoga festivals.

At AyurYoga Eco-Ashram, Sanjay teaches the morning Yoga Asana classes, Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga Nidra sessions to both Yoga Teacher Trainings and Ayurveda & Yoga Retreats. Sanjay’s slow but long asana holding classes are very classical examples of traditional hatha yoga in India.


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