Gary Granza

Bonita Springs, FL
United States
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My Mission
My mission is to empower each student to explore their own limits and the style of practice that will fit their individual needs and lifestyles.  I teach classes that have integrity and respect for yoga tradition are still fun, sometimes irreverent, and that work with the reality of modern life. My classes are non linear breath to slow transition from the core based, oh and from time to time I swear.

My Story
I am a 60 year old, proud second generation, New York City street guy, from Astoria, Queens. To enhance the left side of my brain, for the last twenty five years, I have been doing technical information security for large financial institutions. To keep myself balanced using the right side of my brain, among other things I teach and practice Yoga .

My Background and Yoga Adventure

I started practicing yoga in the early 1990’s after reading the book, “Body, Mind, and Sport by John Douillard”. I still consider this book to be my training bible. Chapter 12 in the book is titled “Here Comes the Sun”. In that chapter there are a few pages devoted to “The Sun Salute (Surya Namaskar)”. Upon reading that chapter my yoga journey commenced. I was instantly drawn to yoga. I could never have predicted where this journey would take me.

I practiced alone using books and publications for direction and guidance, until 2001 when I moved to Charlotte NC. In Charlotte I started taking classes, then private sessions. A year before and upon moving to Bonita Springs Fl in October 2010 I discovered that I wanted to serve people and felt a deeper connection to my yoga practice. It was then that I made the deeper body, mind, spirit connection (body to the consciousness to the soul). In December of 2011 I was certified RYT 200 and in January 2012 I was certified to teach Budokon Yoga, BYC Level 1, in July 2012 I completed Warriors At Ease, Part 1 - Teaching Yoga and Meditation in Military Settings. I teach yoga for Elite Athletes as well as meditation.

Through the relationships that I continue to build and through teaching, my practice has deepened more. I am a straightforward guy interested in practicing yoga and hanging out with my friends. I love technology, deep thinking and philosophy, anatomy, putting it all together for efficient movement, boiling it down into something that you can use to make your life better. And, I should add I am a life long New York City sports fan (Yankee’s, Giants, Rangers, Knicks).

I believe in teaching yoga that has the utmost respect of the yogic traditions; that has integrity; is fun; can be irreverent; and that understands the reality of modern life. I get energized when students banter with me during class. I believe that, “Yoga engages the totality of who I am as a human being.” I got that from Rodney Yee. Additionally a quote from Budokon founder Kancho Cameron Shane resonates with ”yoga for me is a living, breathing, dynamic mystery that changes with me, because of me, and through me daily. It is not a class that I take, a subject that I teach, or a product that I buy or sell. Yoga is rather a reflection and expression of the most vital part of me, which is my aware and conscious mind manifest through my emotional, mental, and physical bodies. The part of me that knows that I am a me, inside of this exoskeleton.” This is part of what has shaped my teaching and my life.

I believe in being a good person / doing the right thing and that to accomplish this you just have to have the right perspective. I don’t think I have ever had a problem understanding life. What I do is not going to cure cancer or rocket science or anything tremendously difficult or world changing. I understand where I am in the cosmic order of things and I;m OK with that. I don’t need to be anyone else. I love teaching yoga and all that entails. I like going to all type of games, I like art and reading, I like living my life. I want to be the guy contributing to the beneficial part of the process, life universe, whatever it is. I’m a good leader, team captain. When thinking about becoming a yoga teacher I thought I want to set a god example. I know how to do this I should teach it and pass it on to others. I approach life and everything else I do with a sense of awe, wonderment and gratitude.

I hold a Bachelors Degree in Liberal Arts from The City College of New York and an Associates degree in Advertising Design from New York City Technical College.

“…you can’t be afraid of fear. It comes. Surf it.”

From Rudyard Kipling’s Law of the Jungle:
“Now this is the law of the jungle – as old and as true as the sky;
And the wolf that shall keep it may prosper;
But the wolf that shall break it must die.
As the creeper that girdles the treetrunk,
The law runneth forward and back –
For the strength of the pack is the wolf,
And the strength of the wolf is the pack.”

Peace, namaste


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

4 Reviews

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