Gary Karten

Cranston, RI
United States
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I began my yoga journey in 1990 while studying Martial Arts. Yoga brought me to understand the power of healing after some serious injuries from competition in Tae Kwon Do. This journey opened my eyes to what I was searching for - I realized that yoga was the direction I needed to go full time to heal all the injuries that impacted my body. In 2007 I began my true yoga journey and realized the huge benefits of yoga. With the proper teaching & guidance, anyone is capable of healing through yoga practice. I began teaching immediately in 2007. A few years into my teaching, , Yoga Master & Healer, Ana Forrest, approached me and offered me a position to assist & manage her trainings worldwide. After many years of teaching & traveling with her I returned home to Rhode Island to reunite with my family and friends. Now home, I can share all of these wonderful gifts that I have learned. Feeling very grounded and strong - my journey still continues to grow 25 years later, change always evolving……..,
I have refined my teaching of Yoga foundational techniques to communicate to all types of practitioners; Vinyasa, Power Yoga, Jivamukti Yoga , Forrest Yoga, all styles are welcome. This method I call Quonny Yoga. Come work with me to consciously strengthen and deepen your own practice in order to unveil shielding and stagnant energies through expansive breath work, muscular and skeletal alignment, and deepened poses. Students learn to heal and rebalance their body safely in carefully sequenced poses that will strengthen the core and allow for self exploration and release.
I challenge my students to awaken their senses and to connect to their whole being, Students learn to practice struggle free by working at their own level. A heated environment allows for the release of toxins, as I compassionately encourage them to safely find release in exchange for renewal and rejuvenation. In my classes you will grow, evolve and transform, reenergizing and honoring your inner environment.
My teaching expertise is attributed to my experience assisting Ana Forrest world wide, at Teacher Trainings, Advanced Teacher Trainings, Continuing Education Trainings, Workshops, Yoga Journal Conferences, Wanderlust Festivals, multiple international Yoga Intensives, I assisted Ana in Santa Monica California, San Francisco, , New York city, Washington, Massachusetts, Canada, Korea, Singapore, Shanghai, Africa Johannesburg, England, Berlin, Amsterdam, Austria, Italy, Syria, Hong Kong, in many other places, thousands of hours as an assistant & Teacher to Yoga Master Ana T. Forrest. I have also taken Workshops with Baron Baptiste, Brian Kest and Tias Little. With my background in Martial Arts, I have the discipline and practice to provide you with tools to practice safe yoga, strengthen your core, and process life experiences in a whole new way.
Learn to practice yoga safely so you can completely heal your body.


Average: 4.9 of 5 stars

10 Reviews

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healing,compassionate yoga instructor

Gary and Wendy have created a wonderful yoga community at the Quonny Grange.The studio is spacious, filled with natural light and is always heated to a comfortable temperature. Props are provided and their use is encouraged. The location is easy to access and has plenty of parking. I have been practicing yoga for about 10 years, during that time I had suffered from old shoulder and neck injuries and underwent treatment for advanced breast cancer .. I was in constant pain.


About 2 years ago a friend invited me to take one of Gary's classes. I am now almost pain free . Gary taught me how to modify poses. His practice focuses on breathing, core work and proper alignment . He demonstrates the right way to transition between poses and uses frequent verbal cues during class which help to keep me focused and relaxed. Gary and Wendy are caring, warm and fun to be with. They are committed to helping everyone . I wholeheartedly recommend Quonny yoga to anyone who wants to deepen their yoga practice and feel better.
Pam Matteson

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Go for it!

Quonnie yoga is gentle, but not easy! Gary focuses on safety, breathing, and proper alignment. Always greeted with a smile to this clean and friendly yoga practice

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Amazing teacher in the area!

After not doing yoga for quite a while I was nervous going into my first class but Gary made me feel right at home, in the class there were all levels of students so I felt I could be myself and really get into my practice, during the class I felt relaxed in the beautiful studio and afterward I felt both in my body and mind that this was a great beginning and made me want to keep coming! Try Gary's class ASAP he will inspire you!

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Keep Coming Back!

I was living in Germany and on a holiday visit to Rhode Island, a friend recommended Gary's class. That first class a few years ago was fabulous and could not find anything like it back Germany. Now that I'm back in the state I'm making sure to attend Gary's class as much as possible. The new studio is beautiful and I feel myself healing in more ways than way. Be well.

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Cathy P.

Gary is the best! He is welcoming and professional. I have taken yoga classes with Gary since 2008 and have experienced the benefits of yoga as well as his expertise. I feel physically and emotionally stronger because of this practice with Gary. I have taught school for the past 25 years and recognize that Gary possesses all the right attributes for working with men and women of all ages and physical abilities. If you are considering yoga practice, Tree of Life is the where you want to be!

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The best!!

During 25 years learning yoga, I’ve had countless teachers. And ‘though many of them had unique qualities and brought me to various awakenings, I now have found the overall best. Gary’s incredibly detailed cuing and astute corrections are, to me, the most important characteristics that place him in the vanguard of yoga today.


His attention to sequencing, room temperature, props, and position adjustments makes for a consistently extensive sweaty workout, which succeeds totally without struggling. Gary gives plenty of personal attention, and gets you to the “juice of the asana” as quickly, effortlessly, and safely as yogically possible, all in a very comfortable, newly finished, heated studio. He even supplies water and DJ’s a soundtrack while teaching. I only wish there was more time to hold each asana, but given the demands of our modern world, the class is as extraordinarily relaxing and rejuvenating. Bottom line: Gary provides an unsurpassed experience that is consistently remarkable.

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Gary has a very professional, yet friendly approach to his yoga students. He gives more demonstrations than any other yoga teacher that I have had and he explains the pose thoroughly as well. The cues for alignment are very precise. He helps beginners as well as seasoned practitioners advance in their practice of yoga. Students are encouraged to advance while staying completely in their safety zone.


He is very knowledgeable about how to help one modify a pose when it is too challenging or painful because of a recent injury or if one is just beginning the study of yoga. I believe his approach is imperative to injury prevention. I have always felt safe in his classes and he has been very helpful after I developed a shoulder injury in a car accident. He is helping me safely rebuild my shoulder strength in a calming way. I know that I will be able to regain my full practice over time with his assistance.

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If you want to grow, work with Gary!

Gary's teaching style combines humor and compassion. It's not "just yoga." He understands what it is like to work--both on the mat and off the mat. He knows that nothing comes without focus and effort. And he knows how to make your practice more rewarding to your life. Let him know what your goals are and he will help you to achieve them. That's what makes Gary special--he cares about the same things that you care about.

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He is a masterful teacher...

With over 25 years of yoga experience, Gary Karten was the first to bring a comprehensive practice to light with meaningful purpose and intention. His precision in mindfully creating sequences that maximized my experiences on the mat was focused on healing the body through deep breathing, alignment and connection. Yet, his methods stand apart providing students the tools to elevate and release. He is a true gift to practitioners who are fortunate enough to receive his teachings and guidance. The world needs Gary Karten.

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Yoga at its best

Simply the best!