Gavin Shri Amneon

Ferntree Gully VIC

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Gavin Shri Amneon is a teacher and practitioner of Kabbalah and Tantric Yoga, and has practiced for 20 years. In this time he has dedicated his creative and contemplative efforts to shedding light onto the core mystical teachings of the worlds great religions, and the in depth mysteries of the past civilizations that rose into splendor. His art has been converted into tarot decks for contemplative and divination use. He has also published many books on the mysteries and practices of the Holy Kabbalah, and on Tantra, and has been teaching these methods for over 10 years. His vision is of global unity though awareness of the core mystery that unites our souls together as one people.

Gavin’s school of mysticism is based in Upper Ferntree Gully at the foot of Mount Dandenong outside of Melbourne Victoria Australia, where he takes privates students in Kabbalah, Tarot, and Tantric studies and practices, and runs groups. Gavin sings Hebrew invocations of the Kabbalah, Sanskrit sutras from the tantras, and also sings in Sumerian, Arabic and ancient Egyptian from the Book of the Dead.

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