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Yin & Yang Yoga with Gayatri
I was first introduced to yoga in my home city of Istanbul by a very special teacher who showed me that yoga is there for everyone, no matter how old you might be or what kind of body shape and condition you might have. After practising regularly for a number of years, I studied with a lovely Dutch teacher in South Korea who really helped develop my confidence and understanding of how, with a little perseverance, anyone can benefit from yoga. Later, I received further training from a teacher of the Bihar School of yoga while I lived in Kolkata, India. She taught me how yoga gives people happiness. I then did my formal training to become a yoga teacher at Shivananda Ashram in Kerala, India.
Practising yoga has taught me how to identify problems and to create choices in solving these. I have found it brings with it a way of living life with greater happiness.

Yoga has shown me how to be a spiritual person without do's and don'ts. It has opened me to love, companionship, tolerance and forgiveness and helped me to be more calm and focused.

The most beautiful thing about yoga is that you always continue to be a student because there is always something new and interesting to study and learn. This is even more true as a teacher of yoga as I am constantly learning new ways to help people I teach.

My classes are based a number of principles including:

Creating kinaesthetic body awareness to help body-mind-breath unity
Finding your inner teacher and engaging in internal dialogue regarding your thoughts and feelings during pranayama, meditation and asana practice
Creating awareness of breath as energy and postural alignment to enable therapeutic healing both spiritually and physically

You will find yourself mentally more flexible, balanced and physically lighter and energetic both on the mat and off the mat.
Yin & Yang Yoga
-Method: Hatha yoga is a classical form of yoga which involves the alignment of mind, body and breathing through a number of special body movements called asanas, breathing exercises called pranayama, and gentle body cleansing, relaxation and meditation. Yin yoga is finding stillness by staying in asanas on the floor longer.
-Level: Asanas are graded from very gentle to more challenging based on individual ability and needs
-Aims: Increased flexibility, muscle and bone strength, alignment of the spine and improvement of posture, relief from pain, easing indigestion, and release of tension and anxiety.

Why Yin Yoga?
“Calming and balancing to the mind & body
Regulates energy in the body
Increases mobility in the body, especially the joints & hips
Lowering of stress levels
Greater stamina
Better protection of joints
More flexibility in joints & connective tissue
Release of fascia throughout the body
Help with migraines
Deeper Relaxation
A great coping for anxiety and stress
Ultimately you will have a better Yang practice”

To secure your place please contact on: 07501469278
Venue: The Tree Room Studio 12 Trinity St Colchester CO1 1JN
Date & time: Tuesday 10:30-12:00 am & Thursday 17:15-18:30 pm
Saturday 08:00-09:30 & 11:00-12:30 pm
Price: £8.00 per class
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