Geeta Khoosal

Pietermaritzburg 02
South Africa

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I had a deep seated interest in Yoga since a young age. However, it was, perhaps, a decade ago that I really got interested in it. My desire to attend regular Yoga classes was generously fulfilled by Source of All that Is. After attending classes for a few years, I felt the need to go deeper, to explore more of this ancient science. I began researching places that offered the teachers training course. I was shocked that Yoga Teachers Training is so common. I was more shocked at the cost and, in my opinion, the poor quality of the courses offered locally. My search continued to places in India. Even more common, the variety to choose from was extensive. My heart eventually settled on the GOVARDHAN SCHOOL OF YOGA at the multi award winning Govardhan Ecovillage.
The experience was the best I have enjoyed in my life to date. Everything was “perfect”. The group consisted of 16 of us. 8 from India, and8 foreigners . We made up the United Continents! We were taught by expert teachers, who all shared the most memorable quality – love and understanding. Being true Yoga practitioners, they were always composed, so caring and tolerant.
The theory part was so in depth. The seva component was so practical and enjoyable. Our main activity was serving the wonderful cows – massaging them, feeding them, and receiving so much unconditional love from them. The meals consisted of sanctified sattvic food that nourished us on all levels. The asana component was taught in traditional or classical style.
The Bhakti Yoga aspect touched our souls and culminated in a beautiful Flower Ceremony.
The course changed me forever.


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