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We work as a team: Sarah(Kamala) and Jojo (Mukta Nand)

Mukta Nand has studied and practiced various methods of yoga and meditation for the past 43 years since the age of 4. At first he was entranced by the vipassana meditation techniques and later journeyed fully into hatha yoga and tantra. After many years, he realized that yoga was not being completely taught in the West as it solely relied on physical postures and left out the deeper meditation practices to realize the Self, which is the aim of yoga anyways. His former teacher, Harish Johari, who became more of a father figure, taught him through direct experience to make use of the various tools at his disposal such as Tantra, Yantra, Mantra, Kriya, Hatha Yoga, Swara Yoga, Numerology, Astrology, Ayurveda cooking and massage, and Bhakti yoga. Besides these tools, Mukta was also introduced to Theravada Buddhism at the age of 5 and became a monk for a short period when he turned 22. This combination of practises learnt from monks to Babas to saints to Gurus allowed Mukta to witness reality from all these perspectives and not be attached to any form or method. All these methods are just ways to realize the Self and it is through Mukta’s vast yoga experience that he prefers to teach the tantric science of yantra because of it’s direct and positive effects from the first day of practice.

Sarah has a 500 hour Yoga Alliance accreditation and strong association with Earth Yoga and its alignment with the individual as a tool for realization. Sarah has a determined and selfless effort to the fruits of yoga and a keen interest in the development of earth kids yoga. Sarah will help with teaching methods workshops and assist during teaching hours.

YogaWorks, 2008 -2010
Mill Valley and San Francisco, CA
Yoga Certification (500 Hour)

It's Kids Yoga, 2009
San Francisco, CA
Yoga Certification for Children

Niroga Institute, 2009
Oakland, CA
Yoga Certification for Children in At-Risk Population
California State University – East Bay, 2004
Hayward, CA American Montessori Society Early Education Credential
Tulane University, 1997 New Orleans, LA Bachelor of Science, Psychology

Sarah graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and is a certified American Montessori Society teacher. She has always been fascinated by the mind and body connection. After college, she pursued her love of yoga and completed her first Teacher Training at YogaWorks in 2008 and a second in 2010, and is also a 500 hour RYT. Sarah also has Yoga for Youth teacher certification from the Niroga Institute Yoga Corps, and she received a yoga teacher certification for kids through It’s Kids Yoga in San Francisco. In 2010, She has taught yoga in studios, jails, and to teachers and kids in schools. She has given many yoga workshops to kids and adults. She has enjoyed leading people in nature via yoga and hiking as well.

Sarah met her guru, Narayana Baba in 2010. Through Narayana Baba, her heart opened and she realized the importance of truth, love and simplicity. Narayana Baba followed the teachings of Jesus by walking through the Himalayas barefoot.


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