Gems Goddard

Arambol North Goa

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Gems has been dancing and moving in one way or the other for over ten years. She spent many hours teaching herself the art of hoop-dance (contemporary dance fused with circus hula-hoop technique) and has since been working as a professional hoop-dancer for the past 7 years - teaching, performing and running 16 hoop events in 2 countries over the past 6 years with her business the UK Hoop Gathering Project.

Since 2009 she has spent every winter teaching, performing or travelling in India. This wonderful and challenging country is the greatest love affair of her life! She toured India twice with charity circus troupe Performers Without Borders, and she toured the Thai-Burmese border with Spark! Circus, teaching hoop and circus skills to migrant workers and refugee children affected by the civil war. She also taught and performed in at CirCairo in Egypt with a view to teaching circus on the Gaza strip.

During all this excitement of travelling and teaching circus - Gems discovered the joy of yoga and practised a variety of styles with a variety of teachers from Varanasi to Gokarna and everywhere in between, finally settling on Ashtanga as her yoga of choice. Every winter she practises with Balu Thevar at his Ashtanga shala in North Goa. Gems took her 200hr Multi-style Yoga Teaching Training in 2011 with Trimurti Yoga also in Goa. In 2012 she was invited to teach Anatomy classes and Teaching Methodology workshops during Trimurti Yoga's TTC winter programs.

Gems has been practising ecstatic dance for 6 years - in various forms from 5 Rhythms Dance to trance dance to Osho style moving meditations. She has also fallen deeply in love with contact dance improvisation which she also trains and plays in India, Ibiza and the UK as often as possible. She took the Vipassana meditation course in Kathmandu, Nepal in 2013 and served on a course in the UK in 2014. and has explored various forms of yogic cleansing (kriyas), meditations (sitting and dynamic) and breathwork with various Eastern and Western teachers.

When in India you can find Gems brewing a pot of chai to share, running on the beach in the morning and teaching hoop classes.

When in the UK you can find Gems teaching English to foreign students in summer schools, sharing food with her family and dancing the night away with friends. She loves Vegemite and hates olives :-)


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