George Anthony

Koh Phangan Surat Thani
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I have always looked for an uncommon path and way of perceiving things, that the truth is between the words, and all the lines and spiritual idealogies. At the same time I revere humbly the traditions and the methods yet always strive to look for new ways of practicing and understanding the possibilities of what it means to be a human. If you do this in any one sense, you will do it for the entirety of your being. This is what practicing Yoga means. Tremendous possibilities are close with great devotion and sacrifice.

I live in Koh Phangan Thailand and teach in several Yoga retreat centers on the island. Beautiful places that really offer the best they can to fully support the yoga and mindfulness vision in lifestyle and practices. I offer yoga teacher trainings, retreats programs, and short courses, and you may find me from time to time doing drop in classes, or somewhere nearby doing handstands, or hitting hard on the dance floor.

Check out for my growing Yoga Practice Compendium, where you can find info and videos about yoga poses, sequences, mantra, meditation, and other practices.


Average: 4.9 of 5 stars

32 Reviews

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