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I have always looked for an uncommon path and way of perceiving things, that the truth is between the words, and all the lines and spiritual idealogies. At the same time I revere humbly the traditions and the methods yet always strive to look for new ways of practicing and understanding the possibilities of what it means to be a human. If you do this in any one sense, you will do it for the entirety of your being. This is what practicing Yoga means. Tremendous possibilities are close with great devotion and sacrifice.

I live in Koh Phangan Thailand and teach in several Yoga retreat centers on the island. Beautiful places that really offer the best they can to fully support the yoga and mindfulness vision in lifestyle and practices. I offer yoga teacher trainings, retreats programs, and short courses, and you may find me from time to time doing drop in classes, or somewhere nearby doing handstands, or hitting hard on the dance floor.

Check out for my growing Yoga Practice Compendium, where you can find info and videos about yoga poses, sequences, mantra, meditation, and other practices.


Average: 4.9 of 5 stars

32 Reviews

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Highly recommended for Yoga Teacher Training

I’ve learnt so much about yoga philosophy, anatomy, adjustments as well as deepening my personal practice both mentally and physically. Particularly the one week anatomy lessons made by professional helped me to understand better the body system and improve my adjustments. I would absolutely recommend the YTT for someone that would like to have an overview on several yoga topics and not only in practice.

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good my teacher


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Don't Keep anything,don't Take anythings##GeorgeAnthony#

I have done Sa jeeva Yoga first inviting yoga teacher training course 200 hours 27 Feb to 25 March at Myanmar. George is really amazing teacher many experience and many techniques.


,open you tons at up tycoon teaching system techniques are also easy understand,movement exercise easier teach as well as to find sword your opinion change train onto the world optimism honest living so Embedding one mind into one you can teachers one so respected imitate .Specially thanks to him my practice and my mind had challenge a lot and improved so much.I would be recommend who wants to learn or practice yoga ,just attend his school or workshop whatever you would get many knowledge of Yoga,Theory,Phillo,story and peaceful mind. If you be ask questions he will explained patiently whenever his face always has a big smile ,We are really LUCKY to meet the kind of teacher

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Handstand workshop - Vikasa Koh Samuel December 22-26th 2016

Had a great time on this workshop and even over the course of 3 days I saw dramatic improvements especially compared to the practise I had been doing at home. George was very hands on using participants to demonstrate as he was explaining and gave us many tips to take away to continue practising at home. He's extremely approachable with a deep spiritual connection to the practice of yoga, reminding us to work within our bodies limits. The vinyasa flow and yin classes on the second day were just as enjoyable as the handstand technique days. I would definitely recommend George both as a yoga teacher and to anyone who specifically wants to practice their handstand technique whether a novice or more advanced.

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Handstand specialist George Anthony

1. I'm happy learning new yoga technique , peaceful mindset mediation ,stretching warming up body , 2 new type of breathing ,many body conditioning yoga workout before going inversion handstand. Which very important for me. In details ...... George is good master inversion yoga , flexible teaching method , friendly friend. We all enjoy so much in entire training. Thank you so much. Master George , Namaste !

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A wonderful yoga retreat with George

Joined George's handstand workshop during Christmas holiday. Skills were demonstrated and explained in great detail. George worked with every student on the postures. It was a fun and spiritual experience, I enjoyed a lot.

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An incredible Teacher Training month

We were blessed to have George share his knowledge, dedication and passion with us for his Sajeeva Yoga teacher training course for the month of October 2016 based at Piloga, Dubai.


The 200-hour course worked on all three facets; the mind, body and the spiritual self. Not only was the daily practice challenging and motivating, George made sure we started teaching post the first week which was great and boosted our confidence levels.
The course was well organized, material was well written and the manual contained detailed pictures of hundreds of asana poses demonstrated by George. The time and effort that was placed into this training by George was beautiful.
We learnt and explored purification techniques, breathing exercises and chanted on a daily basis. Read from the great yoga scriptures and dived deeply into yoga philosophy. We even had a specialist fly in from Hong Kong and teach us about the body’s anatomy.

I gained thorough knowledge and skills from this teacher training, it enriched my life in many ways. Not only did I feel fantastic when the course ended, I was confident to teach and met wonderful individuals along the journey.

George is inspiring to learn from, he has devoted himself to a daily practice for over a decade. He has a wonderful balance of spirituality, kindness/mindfulness and professionalism. I couldn’t have asked for a better dedicated source to learn from.
I took many things away from this course and am so very grateful. Thank you George for your time, effort and love that you poured into this teacher training.

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The way George selfmastery his body inspire people around to do the same as him. Open minded person, and full of energy. He respect his body and other. Around him you will feel very positive. The way he talk and explain something is so encouraging. Lucky to meet this kind of teacher. Not only yoga, but also he has kind a taste of art, so he can bring interesting and beautiful atmosphere to the class.

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A very passionate teacher

George is a self driven person, he never stops practicing and trying new things. He brings a lot to people around him.
He also reads a lot and has always a nice story to tell you.
A must teacher to have around

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You can't find better teacher to learn or improve your yoga!

He was my teacher during my YTT last year and he came in our yoga center (Ashtari Yoga in south lombok) to teach 3 days handstand and acroyoga workshop... his friendly way to teach yoga and share his huge knowledge is a great experience I wish to everybody!!
Just attend his school, you will get more than you expected, for sure!!!

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Handstand and immersion yoga workshop

Really had a great and enjoyable time attending your workshop. Excellent environment and atmosphere for a yoga retreat to improve my technique and posture. Hopefully with more practice will make it perfect for better balancing. Lastly, thank you for your patience..George...Cheers

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THE teacher

I have done my YTT 200h , and a handstand workshop with George.
Other than becoming my friend, George is an amazing teacher with a lot of experience. Thanks to him my practice has improved so much. He demonstrated many techniques, explained the reasons of why doing such movements, some theory, some philosophy as well....
He is always present to answer questions , with a big smile on his face.
I am so grateful for having worked with him, and I can only recommend his skills !
Thanks for everything George

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One of my best

George was part of the teaching team at Vikasa Koh Samui during my 200hrs YTT.
I have been fortunate enough to experience him leading classes & assisting with alignment.
If my schedule allowed I wouldn't hesitate to book a private lesson.

George is a very talented practicisioner who demonstrates & inspires.
He is very clear & logical with his sequencing, building a class in such a way that you find yourself improve & go deeper into a pose with each practice.
He also has great understanding on spirituality & the philosophy of yoga.
I have improved in leaps & bounds in the short time I've spent in his classes. Thank you!

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Learn the Art of living with Yoga

I follow George into his yoga classes and find he 's a very careful and sensitive teacher. For me who I am not native English speaker, was easy to follow him and deepen my yoga study with enthusiasm,with his clear and detailed teachings .
Heartfelt thanks George

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very good teacher, that gives lots of verity in his classes and is committed to the growth of his student.

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Simply Awesome :)

I have had some private yoga classes with George.
He was very patience even though I did joking around sometimes. I almost bang my head many times, but it was so much fun and for sure I will come back there sometimes in the future.

He is really experienced, professional, truly-truly a nice and friendly person, he is one of my fav. Would love to learn Yoga with him again one day.

George AnthonyApril 20, 2016

Thanks Lily! I just wanted everyone reading to know that Lily had "almost banged her head" because it was Acro Yoga private classes! Inherently a bit of risk involved but we had 7 fun sessions together without notable incident or head banging! :D

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Inspirational teacher and lovely person ;o)

George is passionate about Yoga and his classes are truly an amazing experience and one that has become integral to my practice.I find myself being able to push myself in his classes through my body breath and mind and supersede my limitations. George`s classes are well thought out, clearly delivered, dynamic and interesting. He has so much knowledge to share and I am so thankful to be able to deepen my practice with him. I enjoyed every single class with him and hope to meet him again one day!

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My favourite Teacher

I had classes with teachers in many parts of the world. Some good, some not so good, but all different. When I met George in Koh Samui during a week of Yoga retreat, I was immediately hooked! Best teacher I ever had. Funny, great in explaining and demonstrating. Watching him do poses just leaves me breathless and shows what one can do with the body. I was so amazed after that week that I returned again half a year later - which was equally good and won't have been the last time!!

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Great yoga teacher with a big heart

I have the chance to have George in group and private classes.
George is highly experience yoga teacher. He transfers his knowledge with great confidence and presence. His class is always very inspiring.
He has a big heart and he is a great person.

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George is one of our fantastic teachers at Vikasa YTT in last year. His alignment and adjustment was amazing! My asana improved a lot after the month :-)
George is so inspirational just by being simple and sharing
Last but not least, i adore his flexibility, being able to bend and twist himself incredibly in any directions :-)

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Great person, friend and teacher

I have the privilege to have classes with George every week and it's one of my favorites. Very calm and relaxed giving instructions, make the students laugh and keep very good energy and spirit during the practice. Also have a nice website - - with good information, tutorials, poses and events about Yoga. I'm very grateful to know him and receive his knowledge. Namaste _/\_

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Simply inspirational

I attended three of George's classes at the beautiful Vikasa retreat in Koh Samui. The first class of his that I attended was singing bowls. I went along due to my interest in musical meditation but as George started speaking, I was blown away,,,I knew right then that I would be waking up early the next day for his yoga class! George is, simply put, an inspirational teacher. He really helped me to focus on self-awareness and the importance of leading a connected, positive and mindful life. He connected all of this to our yoga practice. I felt confident to challenge myself more and was so proud of my achievements. Thank you, George! Anyone would be incredibly fortunate to attend a class with you!

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The perfect mix of yoga, spirituality and discoveries

Georges is passionate about Yoga and you can feel it (and see it as he's always upside down). In addition to his wonderful demonstrations, he shares about all yoga-connected subjects. Very spiritual, inspiring teacher!

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A rising star

So much to offer and so much to give