George Lodish

Norristown, PA
United States

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George Lodish 200 HR RYT-My life is filled with so many blessings to be grateful but I truly believe that sharing the practice of yoga as a teacher is a true expression of my passion. I discovered yoga through a suggestion by someone in 1998 while going through a rehabilitation from a serious accident. After 2 years of hospitalization and many surgeries I was told that I may never walk again. Determination and courage became my mantras as I limped with a cane into my first Yin Yoga practice where I was treated with dignity and respect. As the teacher took time out of his class to assist me with bolsters and blocks to get positioned for the asanas, I realized that the mat was a place that I could work on the many frustrations and trauma. Yoga helped me with my mind, body, and spirit connection and the importance of breathing. From this experience I found my true self. My 200 hour Vinyasa flow teacher training was completed at Asheville Yoga Center, Asheville, NC. Attended many workshops including restorative, yoga for trauma, and meditation practice. I lost full time job in Asheville, NC due to a change in management and moved to London, Ky where I found employment. Looking forward to being part of a new yoga community where I can share my love, compassion, and gratitude with you in your practice. Teaching classes and private lessons at Ageless Yoga, Lexington, KY and Bliss Yoga, London, KY


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