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United Kingdom

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Hi, I'm George and like many people today I just simply love yoga. Without trying to sound too 'cliche'; yoga changed my life. Truly.

Throughout my teens I struggled daily with my mental health. Suicidal thoughts and self harm was something that accompanied me everywhere I went. I had numerous counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy sessions and for a short period I felt ok.
I travelled across South East Asia in 2012 and made it my mission to go into a yoga class, I was eager to see what all this fuss was about. I stumbled out of the class on this cloud with the realisation that my mind was finally calm.

Fast forward a few years to my early twenties and the deep dark cloud of depression came flooding back into my life, this time hand in hand with anxiety. I was living a life in the corporate world and the lifestyle hit me hard. Getting out of bed each day and facing the world became a battle.
Reaching back into my mind, I was scrambling around trying to find something that would 'fix me' forever.
It took several months before I had built up enough courage to face stepping into a local yoga class. Once I did, I never looked back.

I now work with my mind not against it and I'm always looking for new ways to improve as a human being. I'm still a work in progress like most of us! But I'd like to share with you what I learnt, what helped me and what could help you.

I'm registered with Yoga Alliance International and have completed my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training course, in a style of yoga called Ashtanga Vinyasa. I teach an Ashtanga Modified version of the Primary series and I also teach Vinyasa Flow. Focusing on what students need and what areas of the body need attention. With both styles that I teach we connect our breath with movement. This in turn focuses the mind and calms the ever constant chatter. Whilst building strength, flexibility and self acceptance.

Beginners are always welcome. I teach classes for all age groups as well as private lessons.
Guys, don't be shy either.
It doesn't matter what level you are or how you currently feel about your body, yoga is for EVERYBODY.


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